Power of Attorney

When buying a property in Turkey, if you can’t be there in person with a translator to help you, then you will need to appoint a power of attorney (POA). This is a written document that provides an authorisation to act on another’s behalf in a legal binding matter.


Even if you are in Turkey during this process, there are several steps and procedures that have to be undertaken in Turkish and unless you are fluent, we recommend you grant a POA to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Benefits of Power of Attorney

If the customer provides the power of attorney to us, Summer Home Real Estate, we can handle all the paperwork and obtain the title deed (Tapu) from the Tapu office in our customer´s name and save the client from spending unnecessary time and money travelling to Turkey. The power of attorney is needed in all official offices and if you do not have a trustworthy person or do not want to hire an attorney in Turkey, your estate agency will also help you in this matter. 

Important Facts While Providing Power of Attorney

  • A power of attorney must be signed in either a notary office in Turkey or it can be granted in a Turkish consulate in any country.
  • It is needed by the Land Registry Office to obtain your Title Deed.
  • Turkish notaries have sworn translators ready at the notary office within about 15 minutes after being called.
  • When you hand a POA to someone, you are effectively saying by law, 

“You may act on behalf of me for these powers,”  

  • so, it is advisable to only give power of attorney to professional estate agents like Summer Home Real Estate or registered and certified solicitors.  
  • A power of attorney should only contain a power for the most necessary procedures and nothing else. This is called a specific power of attorney. Thís typically includes the ability to buy property on your behalf as well as obtain an electric and water connection.
  • Avoid giving a general power of attorney because this gives the other party permission to sell a property or take on debt, and in the wrong hands, it could have dire consequences.

How long is the Power of Attorney valid?

The power of attorney can be valid for as long as the granter wants, but it needs to be stated in the document. It can be revoked at any time:

  1.  Contact the notary and your solicitor or trusted person/agent with a written notice of cancellation.
  2. Ensure that you request all original documentation is returned to you.
  3. Contact your bank to inform them that the POA is revoked

What other reasons can the power of attorney be given?

  • All matters involving one's Inheritance
  • Divorce cases
  • For the process of buying and selling a house or vehicle

How much does it cost to grant someone a power of attorney?

The price differs from the level of responsibility. Prices range from 60.00- 3.000 TL (this price does not cover the costs for a certified translator).

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