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Resale Villa Antalya, Serik

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 300m²

€720,000 Last update: 21 Day

The project's precise and high-quality design, features, and construction quality make it a unique construction in the region of Antalya.

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 63m², 72m²

From €100,000 Last update: 1 Month

With its stunning location, comfort and quality, and high rental income, this complex with 2-bedroom apartments is unique in Antalya region.

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 50m², 100m²

From €167,000 Last update: 1 Month

Resale Villa Antalya, Belek

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 150m²

€625,000 Last update: 1 Month

Belek is famous for luxurious five stars hotels, massive golf courses, thermal spas, modern architecture, and tourist facilities.

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 280m²

€670,000 Last update: 1 Month

Belek is famous for luxurious five stars hotels, massive golf courses, thermal spas, modern architecture, and tourist facilities.

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 1, 2, 4 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 55m², 90m², 105m², 165m²

From €195,000 Last update: 1 Month

Resale Villa Antalya, Belek

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 250m²

€615,000 Last update: 1 Month

Unique design spacious four-bedroom villa in Belek. Quirky cube like design. Established infrastructure

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 190m²

€450,000 Last update: 4 Day

Belek is a highly sought-after area in the Antalya region and is famed for its world class golf courses and stunning scenery

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 250m²

€500,000 Last update: 1 Month

This superb area is home to some of the finest golf courses in Turkey. It's a highly desirable suburb of Antalya which attracts buyers looking for high quality housing

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 240m²

€770,000 Last update: 1 Month

These brand new villas up for sale are a great investment as they are located in an area called Belek.

  • Serik - Antalya
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 150m²

€352,000 Last update: 1 Day

Property in Belek

Our company represents real estate here in Belek, a region of Antalya in Turkey, which can be bought by residents of this country and foreign citizens. Here you can purchase luxury beachfront villas and apartments of various sizes. The price depends on the type of apartment and the area. Residential buildings

Real estate in Belek (Turkey) purchased by foreign citizens.


What are the benefits of buying a home in Belek?

The mild climate in this area and the availability of housing has led many foreigners to see the country not only as a vacation destination but as somewhere they can buy a permanent holiday home either for vacation purposes or to permanently settle. Belek is one of the most prestigious resorts along this stretch of the Mediterranean coast. It is close to the airport, which means starting your holiday is even quicker! It is part of the Koprulu Canyon National Park and its surrounding area. Within the city, there are several sandy beaches with clear water. Coniferous and eucalyptus forests with rich fauna lie nearby. It is an area of extreme natural beauty that the developers have incorporated into many of their complexes.

Benefits of buying a home in the Turkish city of Belek:

Antalya Airport
Antalya Airport is 35 km away.
  1. High profitability of renting apartments and villas, in 2020-2021 it is between 8%-11%
  2. Small taxes upon purchase - the amount does not exceed 5% of the price of real estate.
  3. The ability to submit documents and obtain a residence permit six months after the purchase and foreign investors can apply for citizenship after five years of permanent residence in the country.
  4. Good transport links. Antalya Airport is 35 km from Belek. You can get on the highway D-400. There are many charter flights, which is especially convenient for those who plan to come to the city for a vacation.
  5. Developed infrastructure of the city - a large number of shopping centres, educational institutions, hospitals and fitness clubs, etc. work here.
  6. A large number of clean sandy beaches, which are among the best in Turkey, the water in the sea is transparent, and the entrance to it is smooth. Families with young children feel safe and comfortable here.
  7. A large number of entertainment programs for vacationers and locals, the city continually hosts cultural events; there is a water park and entertainment centre. History buffs can visit the excavations of ancient cities 20 km from Belek.
  8. Friendliness and kindness of the local Turkish population and their unique national cuisine 


There is considerable interest in the property in Belek among golf fans. The city has many top-class golf course.  In 2012, Belek hosted the world championship in this sport. Many famous golfers have purchased villas in the city.

Belek has a hot and humid climate in the summer months with temperatures reaching between 30 and 40 degrees. It cools down to a comfortable winter temperature of between 22 and 15 degrees. The beach season here lasts from March to October/November. Rarely does it snow or get frosty here, although it can get rainy during the winter months. 

Golf course
For golf lovers in the city, there are many courses for playing.


What real estate can I buy?

Our beachfront apartments are very popular with our customers. These include apartments located around 300 m from the sea, and they have a swimming pool on site. Apartments can come in various configurations with cute 1+1s right up to luxurious and spacious four or five bedrooms. Kitchens vary in style, with some having open-plan arrangements and others with separate kitchens to living rooms. All apartments have balconies, usually with fantastic views.   

In some apartments, there is the option to buy a penthouse. These luxury apartments occupy the whole floor and often have breath-taking views of the mountains and sea. Some properties even come with their own helipad for those who have the money and desire. 

The forecourt of apartment buildings is closed. Parking lots for cars, swimming pools, playgrounds for children, golf courses have security. The property is suitable for seasonal and year-round living or rental. Business people are offered apartments near business centres and offices.

For permanent or holiday residence, you can purchase a villa averaging from 100 to 400 square metres, although some ultra-luxurious complexes now offer villas with an astounding 800-1000 m². These villas range from modern, contemporary designs to some 'quirky one-of' architectural gems. Often these villas have spacious living rooms with open-plan kitchens, several bedrooms, and many have en-suite bathrooms, more than one!   

If you are happy to purchase an older pre-loved property, you can negotiate for it to be left furnished with appliances. Owners of these often will leave the television, and the internet is already connected. 

In the evening, owners can relax and enjoy their time on the spacious terrace. Fenced courtyards have private swimming pools, golf courses, garages or parking lots. Exclusive homes on the seashore have moorings for yachts and access to the beach from the house. You can enter into well-kept gardens full of fruit and tropical palm trees from your home. Close to the residential complexes, there is all the necessary infrastructure.   

Foreign citizens often have difficulties choosing real estate and dealing with the paperwork when buying and selling. Seeking help from professionals will save a lot of time and effort. We will select the best accommodation based on your goals, needs and financial capabilities. Our experts are well aware of Turkish law's intricacies and will help to settle all formalities as quickly as possible. Also, you will have no language difficulties as our team speak several languages. 

Villa in Belek
Villa - one of the types of real estate for sale.


General information about the city and the best areas for housing

Belek is famous for its top-class golf courses. The best professional venues of National, Gloria, Nobilis and Tat welcome beginners and experienced players. Training for beginners with an instructor is available.

Belek is a famous golf centre. The best professional venues of National, Gloria, Nobilis, Tat, welcome beginners and experienced players. Training for beginners with an instructor is available.


The city's attractions:

  1. A functioning mosque with a fountain, garden and landscaping
  2. Turkish baths.
  3. The Kadriye market is attractive for the choice of goods on sale and the unique cultural flavour.
  4. The ruins of the ancient settlement of Perge - are located 30 km from the centre. According to legend, the city built by Trojans is the largest ancient stadium in Asia.
  5. The ancient amphitheatre in Aspendos, still operating to this day, holds Opera festivals every summer.
  6. Koprulu Canyon - 14 km of sheer cliffs. The depth of the gorge is 400 m.
  7. The ancient Oluk bridge, built across the canyon by the Romans is 27 m in length.
  8. Zeytin Tas stalactite cave has an area of ​​about 233 m.
  9. Duden Waterfall, whose height is more than 50 m, nearby are panoramic platforms with cosy cafes and restaurants.
  10. The opportunity to book white water rafting down the Koprulu Canyon  

The city has a large number of premium hotels, several fish restaurants and network of public transport has been developed. Since Belek is predominantly a tourist city, many jobs are available in this area in the tourist field.

Amphitheater in Aspendos
The ancient amphitheatre in Aspendos is a landmark of the city.


The best areas for buying real estate in Belek:

  1. City centre. There are numerous shops, shopping centres, restaurants and cafes, the area is decorated with fountains of exciting shapes and designs, typical for this area. A Roman-style arch attracts tourists. In the evening, the centre is illuminated, giving it a unique look. Here you can find apartments of different prices and sizes - from inexpensive studios to luxury penthouses. Buying a home in the centre is incredibly convenient and beneficial for business people..
  2. Bogazkent is the best place for permanent residence and seasonal holidays for families with children. It has several clean sandy beaches. A eucalyptus grove grows nearby, making the air clean and healthy. Our customers note the calm and safety of this area. Noisy entertainment events are held only on the grounds of hotels and do not disturb residents. Another advantage is the proximity to the centre, and buses are accessible in 10 minutes.  
  3. Kadriye is the tourist's "heart" of the city. Many hotels are in this area; therefore, it is a profitable place to purchase real estate for business or pleasure. Given the rising cost and the constant influx of holidaymakers, such an investment will quickly pay for itself. Water parks, swimming pools, discos, and shopping centres have been built in the area, making it highly convenient. Lovers of an active lifestyle can play golf or football on the well-equipped fields.  
  4. Serik is also a tourist area with a large number of hotels. Prices are lower compared to Kadriye. The place is quiet and gives a sense of peace. The city is optimal for lovers of a peaceful secluded holiday.
Hotel in the Serik area
One of the hotels located in the tourist area of ​​Serik, for lovers of a relaxing holiday.

For residents of the city, there are open public beaches. Eight km from the centre is a quiet place to relax, where you can spend time together, the best place for a romantic date, with clear water, a semi-wild exotic landscape and amazing views of the bay.  

Another place with a lot of privacy is Titanic Deluxe Beach. Buying property in this area is a valuable and stable source of additional income.


For large families with children:

  • The City ​​beach in the Kadriye area has shallow water and a gentle incline to the sea;
  • Plenty of water sports and paragliding and windsurfing centres , proximity to Antalya where you can visit the Aquarium

Belek has a hot and humid climate. In summer, the air warms up to 30 ° C and above. Sea breezes and plenty of greenery shade you from the heat.


Average prices and what affects property value


The average cost of housing in Belek:

  1. An apartment in a prestigious complex with a communal pool, playground and parking costs from around 65 thousand euros.
  2. Penthouse in the city centre costs from 100 thousand euros
  3. A villa on the coast will cost from 120 thousand to 300 thousand euros.

The annual housing maintenance (cleaning, security, maintenance of the area) ranges from 1200 to 3500 euros. Buying a home in some projects entitles you to free or preferential membership in golf clubs. The proximity of homes or apartments to sports fields increases the cost by up to 50%. The highest housing prices are in the central part of the city and the Kadriye district. The lowest cost of apartments or houses is those under construction. With us, you can buy real estate built on a standard or individual project.  Summer Homes will support you at every level of the process.