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Buy a Real Estate in Kemer, Turkey

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Buy a Real Estate in Kemer, Turkey

Kemer is a small-town west of Antalya, Turkey. It is located on The Mediterranean coast and due to its pleasant climate, fabulous beaches and rich historical heritage, it is a firm favourite with foreigners wishing to buy holiday homes here.
As Kemer is gaining in popularity amongst discerning tourists, purchasing a property here represents an excellent investment. Prices are expected to keep rising as more and more people view Kemer and its surrounding villages as a luxurious and beautiful destination.  

Map of Kemer.

What are the advantages of buying a home in Kemer?  

Benefits of living in Kemer:  

Route D400.
  1. Climate: Kemer has a long, hot and dry summer: in July-August, the temperature goes up to + 40 ° C. The beach season lasts from May to September. During this period the temperature remains + 25 ° С. Winters are mild: the temperature does not fall below 6 to 8 ° С, frosts are rare, and there is little rainfall. The weather throughout the year is mostly clear.
  2. Landscapes: The area is remarkable for its fantastic beauty, sea views and the Taurus mountains. Pine forests are combined with tropical vegetation and make up a unique natural landscape. The beaches in Kemer are pebbled, which is why the water here is exceptionally clear and clean.
  3. Transport Links: Transportation is easy as it is on the D400 road that runs through Kemer. On the road, you can find many means of transport such as buses, minibuses and taxis. The city has developed a car rental service; you can rent a car for 20-25 euros per day. Distance to Antalya is 42 km and to the airport its nearly 60 km. 
  4. Buy A Villa: You will find a steady influx of paying visitors by purchasing a villa in Kemer. The cost of renting a villa is often much cheaper for a large family to do than renting hotel rooms for their holiday. Thus, you will find your home quickly pays for itself and provides you with an income.  
  5. Summer vs Winter: The tranquillity of the life of a small town. The number of permanent residents in Kemer is about 25 thousand people, but in the high season, it increases to 45-50 thousand due to vacationers.There are many trendy pubs and clubs but these are deliberately kept away from residential areas. The atmosphere completely transforms from October to April and becomes a city of relaxation.  
  6. Rich Heritage: Kemer is an excellent base from which to explore some of the hidden gems that are in this region. The mountain known as Lycian Olympus, is situated within the national park and is a stunning place to visit for its spectacular views. Explore the ancient city of Olympos, one of the most important cities in the ancient Lycian civilisation. See the Eternal Flames of Chimera at Yanartas. Go canyoning/ body rafting for those who love a thrill! Visit Phaselis, an ancient port city that was home to the Greeks and Romans.

There really is so much to do here! 


Many tourists come to their favourite city every year and prefer to rent apartments in advance.

What Property Can You Buy In Kemer?

In Kemer, there is a government ban on the construction of high-rise buildings, which is why villas are built which only have 1–3 levels. As well as low-rise residential complexes where you can buy apartments, you can also find duplex apartments and penthouses on the upper floors. 

In Turkey, a particular system is used to describe the layout of housing briefly. They will have two digits with a "+" sign between them. The first means the number of bedrooms in the property, and the other one representing the number of living rooms. For example, a 3 + 1 apartment means with three bedrooms and one living room, which is most often combined with a kitchen area.

The word "house" here is equivalent to the concept of "apartment". Houses, villas and cottages are also synonyms. In Turkey, "villa" is the name for detached homes with a private area, and it can be an inexpensive house with sea and mountain view on the outskirts of the city or on a complex with all the facilities in one place.

Premium townhouses in Kemer.

The cost of housing depends on the area where the project is located. This is defined by the remoteness from the beach, class and area of ​​real estate. An apartment in Kemer can be purchased at prices from 700 to 1300 euros per square meter. But villas can be much more expensive depending on the location and features.

Apartments and villas are sold with fully finished interior, equipped kitchens and bathrooms, and often with furniture and appliances.

Furnished House

A furnished villa will cost more.

Popular Areas of The City for Buying Real Estate

In the centre of Kemer, there is a yacht port with bars, cafes and restaurants. Local attractions include central Liman Street, City Park, and Moon Light Park, where shops and souvenir shops are located. Moonlight Park is a 55 thousand square metres of entertainment venue. Here you can book diving excursions, you can go water skiing, surfing and book fishing cruises.  

Living in central Kemer gives you quick and easy access to many shops, bars and restaurants: many people value the convenience of living here. 

Park in Kemer
Moonlight Park in Kemer.

Beldibi is located about 17 km away from Kemer in the eastern region. It is located on the coast with a small settlement abutting the Taurus Mountains. There are luxury hotels, apartments and villas with over 5 km of well-maintained beaches surrounded by gorgeous scenery. .

Cosy hotels in Beldibi.

The village of Goynuk is located 7 km from Kemer and is a popular centre for beach tourism. This place is famous for its picturesque landscapes and clean sea. Goynuk is conveniently located near to the D4oo making transferring from the airport quick and easy. This coastline is rugged and beautiful, full of caves and gorges.

The village of Goynuk.

Goynuk Canyon is famous in this area for its river activities and many come here to canyon and zipline. All the historical trips can also be taken from here. Real estate here tends to be villas, although you can find some apartments. Property here tends not to have a sea-view, although the stunning landscapes and serenity of the place more than make up for this.

The attraction of Goynuk is the canyon.

Close to Kemer (about 15 km) is the tranquil, upmarket town of Tekirova. Property here tends to be more expensive and attracts tourists interested in quieter pursuits. The pebbly beaches here have the sought-after Blue Flag award. This area has stunning mountain and coastal views and because of the lack of developable land, it has a small number of very exclusive hotels, with an elite range of bars and restaurants. All of the attractions in the Kemer area are within easy access. Still, those living here are attracted by the solitude, tranquillity and natural flora and fauna that this area offers. 

City ruins
The ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis.

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