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Property in Side

Buying a property here in Side is an excellent investment opportunity as property prices here rose in the last two years by around 15% and are predicted to continue to grow. Property here on this coastline is considerably cheaper than in other Mediterranean countries.

Side is located between Antalya and Alanya on the south coast of Turkey, known as the Mediterranean Riviera. Famous for its hot climate, fabulous beaches and stunning scenery, visitors are drawn back here year after year. .

City of Side
The ancient city of Side on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

What are the benefits of buying a home in Side?

The benefits of buying a home in Side include:

  • Climate: Side has a long, hot summer, which from July to the end of August, could find temperatures exceeding 40 ° C. The beach season lasts from May through to September/October time with the sea continuing to be warm. Winters are mild and the temperature doesn’t fall below 6 to 8 ° С; frosts are rare, although rainfall can be heavy at times. The weather throughout the year is mostly clear.  
  • Landscapes: This area of Turkey is famous for its stunning coastal vistas, the soaring Taurus mountains that dominate the skyline, and here in Side, the views of the most impressive archaeological ruins strewn around the area waiting for you to discover them.  
  • Water-Based Activities: With many Blue Flag beaches to choose from, you are spoilt for choice! The eastern side has deeper water, whereas the western side has gentler slopes and is more suitable for families with children. There are also many water sports stations dotted along the coastline offering a variety of activities:   
    • Sailing  
    • Water skiing  
    • Parachute flying over the sea  
    • Diving  
    • Fishing  
    • Boat and yacht tours  
  • Transport Links: Antalya airport is only 65 km away and there are numerous transfer services, taxis and private hire car companies available to help you move easily around this area. There are many buses and local dolmus that also travel along the main D400 to Alanya and Antalya and around the local Side area.  
  • Rich Heritage: People interested in Turkey’s vast archaeological heritage often buy here in Side because it is affectionately known as an ‘open-air museum’. There is a vast array of ancient monuments and archaeological ruins for you to visit. If you are happy to venture further afield, there is a breath-taking example of an Ancient Greco-Roman theatre called Aspendos, where many open-air ballets and operas occur in the summer months.  Cultural exhibits found in Side are in the Antique Museum. The exhibition features frescoes, statues of Athena and Apollo, an altar, an hourglass, bas-reliefs and sculptures. Outside the city walls are graves and tombs in temples or necropolises.  
  • An opportunity to earn rent: Due to the mild winters and warm summer climate, the tourist season in the city lasts 8-9 months in a year; this makes property rental in Side one of the most profitable businesses in the region.  
  • Developed infrastructure: Medical facilities, shopping centres, consumer services and recreation parks are located within walking distance from the beach area. There are many luxurious hotels and complexes with an assortment of villas and apartments.   
  • Visa-free entry and residence permit: Foreign citizens can enter and stay in Turkey for up to 90 days. After this time, foreigners can apply for a residency permit. If the real estate value is 250,000 dollars or more, then it gives foreigners the right to apply for Citizenship. June 2022 update: $400,000 for Citizenship

What Property Can You Buy In Side?

It is customary for housing in Turkey to be sold with decoration and furniture. Often, houses and apartments have air conditioning, a TV, stereo system and other household appliances already installed, especially if you are buying in the pre-owned market.  

Any type or value of real estate can be found in Side.

In a complex, there are many options for apartments:

  • Studios have one bedroom combined with a kitchen and a separate bathroom.
  • 1 + 1 apartments consist of a separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hallway.
  • 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 - have 2 and 3 separate bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, often a terrace and a shared pool.
  • Penthouses are luxury apartments on the top floor of a high-rise apartment building with beautiful views of the city, sea and mountains.

Affluent investors from foreign countries tend to buy elite duplexes with increased comfort. Such facilities are often located in premium residential complexes, which have a pool, fitness club, sauna and billiard room.

Residential complex in Turkey
Residential complex with comfortable apartments.

In the private sector, you can purchase villas which are on complexes with a range of extra hotel-style amenities:

  • Small villas with 2 or 3 rooms with an area of ​​80-120 m² usually on one floor.
  • Two-storey villas with 3-4 bedrooms, private terrace and pool.
  • Two or three-story cottages with several terraces, a sauna, a swimming pool and a small gym.
lovely view of Side
Luxury in Side.

Real estate prices in Side depend on a number of factors: 

  • remoteness from port: 
  • type of property; 
  • year of construction; 
  • distance from the sea; 
  • completeness and technical condition of the house; 
  • connecting the building to the Internet; 
  • infrastructure development. 
  • Sea views 
  • Type of complex 
Property in Side
Apartments with individual courtyard and pool.

If you decide to buy property in Side, we recommend using the services of our agency-Summer Home. We will help you choose the area, size and type of property and collect documents for a residence permit.