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Tarsus is surrounded by Adana in the east, Mersin in the west, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Investing in such an area could be a clever move.

  • Tarsus - Mersin
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 105m²

€90,000 Last update: 24 Day

These highly modern apartments are located in Tarsus, Mersin. The multi-blocked complex offers one and two-bedroomed apartments.

  • Tarsus - Mersin
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 70m², 100m²

From €50,000 Last update: 5 Day

Property in Tarsus

Tarsus is a historical city and the oldest settlement of Mersin, situated 20 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean Sea in south-central Turkey. Located to the east of Mersin, Tarsus is the biggest district of the province.

It is the most important trading point in Mersin and contributes significantly to the region's economy. Tarsus' plain area is ideal for agriculture and hence for investment. The residents of the region make a living through trade, agriculture, and animal husbandry. Cherries, grapes, oranges, lemons, cotton, and soy are common agricultural goods.

The climate is Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. The warmest months are July and August, when the air temperature can exceed 40 °C.

Tarsus has many social and cultural possibilities, including a waterfall, tea, picnic spots, entertainment centers, a beachside, a shopping mall, a school, and a hospital.

Apart from its historical monuments, Tarsus is also known as a coastal resort. Tarsus Beach is in a magnificent natural environment, with fine sand, turquoise sea water, and a smooth approach to the sea, however the infrastructure is inadequate. As a result, the beach will appeal to single tourists seeking a calm isolated vacation, as it is not crowded even during peak season.

Tarsus Real Estate

Tarsus' natural beauty is stunning, and independent houses with gardens in particular draw a lot of attention. With a wide range of houses for rent and sale, the Tarsus district has something to fit every budget. There are detached houses or flats to choose from, and costs may be higher by the seaside than inland.

The demand for Tarsus real estate is rising as investors are drawn to the opportunity to generate rental income in a city that is well-known among tourists and has a thriving economy. Tarsus residential complexes are being created in compliance with excellent Turkish quality standards, as evidenced by feedback from buyers of housing in building developments.

Foreign investors can purchase apartments from Tarsus developers with no restrictions. Buying an apartment in a new building in Tarsus is an investment with the aim of generating rental income in an industrial and tourist resort town on the Mediterranean coast.