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These classically modern apartments are near the beach in Kargicak, Alanya. The two five-floored blocks offer one, two, and three-bedroomed apartments.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 46m², 82m², 69m², 80m²

From €185,000 Last update: 2 Day

This stunning apartment complex is located in Kargicak, Alanya. The three four-floored blocks offer one-bedroomed apartments and two bedroomed duplexes.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 52m², 104m²

From €110,000 Last update: 10 Day

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Resale Apartment Alanya, Kargicak

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Apartment
  • 60m²

€137,000 Last update: 30 Day

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This incredibly designed and spacious villa is in Kargicak, Alanya. The villa is made up of three floors and offers six bedrooms.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 500m²

€1,250,000 Last update: 26 Day

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This newly built modern villa has a stunning sea view in Kargicak, Alanya. It has two floors, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two balconies.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 1350m²

€5,000,000 Last update: 1 Month

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Resale Villa Alanya, Kargicak

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 210m²

€963,000 Last update: 1 Month

The villa project is situated on the slopes of a hill in Kargicak, Alanya's most famous villa region, 2.7 km from the sea.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Villa
  • 223m²

€775,000 Last update: 12 Day

These stylish apartments are near the beach in Kargicak, Alanya. The three blocks offer one, two, and three-bedroomed apartments, some of which are duplexes.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 36m², 70m², 67m², 120m²

From €175,000 Last update: 12 Day

This exceptional apartment project is in Kargicak. It comprises three three-floored blocks offering one to three-bedroomed apartments, including duplexes.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 49m², 71m², 85m², 135m²

From €140,000 Last update: 12 Day

High-class project with tourism facilities in the complex provides you with life in vacation style and the comfort of a five-star hotel

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 63m², 157m²

From €145,000 Last update: 12 Day

The project is designed and creates an appropriate quality and the most pleasant atmosphere for your comfortable pastime with your loved ones.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 67m², 88m², 127m², 176m²

From €170,000 Last update: 12 Day

These stunningly modern apartments are located in Kargicak, Alanya. Two five-floored blocks are offering one and two-bedroomed apartments.

  • Kargicak - Alanya
  • 1, 2 Bedrooms
  • Apartment
  • 55m², 140m²

From €129,000 Last update: 12 Day

Property in Turkey

Foreign citizens increasingly prefer real estate in Turkey as an item of investment or a source of extra income. Given that many visitors go to Turkish resorts several times a year, their own house or apartment in this sunny country can become an alternative to their usual summer residence.

a property
Real estate in Turkey can be your income.


Reasons for the popularity of real estate in Turkey

Buying property for sale in Turkey is an opportunity to live in a sunny coastal area by the sea without any restrictions. The sound of the surf is calming, the landscapes give peace of mind, and the warm, salty air fills the body with good health. Having your own home here means you do not have to comply with hotels rules and schedules, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the environment of the Mediterranean.

Turkey is one of the few countries that has a border on Asia and Europe. Its culture is a harmonious mix of Asian flavour and western freedom, fragrant spices, airy chiffon, antique architecture and flowering gardens. Visiting this country regularly, you can travel to both parts of the world, get acquainted with ancient cities, monuments of Byzantine civilization, natural and cultural sites. These are Pamukkale, caves of Cappadocia, the ruins of Hierapolis, the blazing Chimaera - known as Burning Rock and much more.

Foreigners are attracted by the hospitality of the Turkish people and the national cuisine, rich in aromas of spices, colours of vegetables and fruits, juicy kebabs from all kinds of meat. Even street food here deserves your special attention. Strolling along the evening promenade of the Bosphorus, you can dine on freshly caught and cooked charcoal fish. And an early breakfast cannot be enjoyed here without a crispy simit with soft cheese and olives.

Turkey is a very developed country with its own culture.

There is a teahouse here on every Street corner. And the most flavourful coffee is brewed in old coffee houses. You are gradually plunged into the atmosphere of this fabulous country, living here day after day, you can discover for yourself all the colours of Asian flavour, warmth and openness.

Having become an owner of housing in the Republic of Turkey, you can obtain citizenship, live permanently or come to the country on vacation.

A visa-free regime for many countries will allow you to freely cross the border without any bureaucratic delays.

Having decided to buy a property in Turkey, you need to appreciate the local population. It is essential to maintain good neighbourly relations. Often, villas here are part of villages, the inhabitants will spend some time together solving pressing problems, celebrating holidays, and visiting each other.

Turkish Real Estate
Apartment buildings in Turkey.

Old and new residential complexes are built in much the same style.
There is everything necessary you need for a comfortable life: private pools, sports grounds, barbecue areas, hammams and steam rooms, playgrounds, cafes and restaurants.

Thanks to this design, the residents spend a lot of time together, communicate closely and are friends of families. In such circumstances, adjustment to life in a new country is smooth, fast and without problems.

When choosing an apartment, you should give preference to one where the developer takes on the job of servicing the complex after completion of construction. To "save face" and attract future customers, such companies will maintain the building in good condition, paying attention to cleanliness and comfort in their homes, giving a positive atmosphere among residents.


Turkey is a Great Place to Invest

According to the results of recent studies in 2019, Foreigners became the most active buyers of real estate in Turkey.

The share of sales contracts increased by 26%. Experts attribute this to the simplification of the procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Since the fall of 2018, the minimum threshold for real estate investments necessary for obtaining a local passport has been reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250 thousand.

One of the economic reasons for this jump was the increase in demand; another was strengthening the Turkish lira against the dollar by 13.5% in 2019.

The growing popularity of Turkish real estate among foreigners is also due to the abolition of the "principle of reciprocity", according to which permission to purchase is obtained only by citizens of countries that provide a similar right to citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Local legislation also qualifies real estate acquisition as an investment in the economy, so you can get a residence permit after entering into ownership.


If the purchase price exceeds $250.000 - immediately citizenship.

Many foreigners buy villas or apartments in Istanbul, Izmir and other large cities for rental. Thus, they provide themselves with an extra income. This is also beneficial for investment since real estate here is continuously growing in price and is highly profitable. Owners receive rental income in foreign currency, which reduces the risks associated with fluctuations in exchange rates.


What Real Estate Can I Buy

Turkey offers several types of real estate for purchase to foreigners.

  1. Villa
    Another type of real estate in Turkey is a villa.

    An Apartment can be a penthouse with access to a flat roof, a stylish loft, a two-story duplex or a cosy one-room studio.

  2. Villa. Turks love to live in spacious, bright houses surrounded by blooming gardens. Country houses here resemble alpine chalets. Fans of low storey living can settle in the bungalow. For those who are not used to denying themselves luxury, Turkey offers stylish castles in which everyone feels like a king!
  3. Townhouse. It is a low-rise building with several apartments, each of which has its entrance from the street. It is a good option for urban living for families with children and pets.
  4. Commercial real estate includes restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, offices, warehouses and industrial premises, land, as well as other businesses that are not suitable for homes. By purchasing such real estate, foreign citizens can establish their own business in Turkey, expand the existing market and ensure the development of their investment projects.


Popular Regions and Cities

One of the most popular cities in Turkey among foreigners in Istanbul. It's the heart of the country's economic and cultural life. New residential complexes with equipped infrastructure are commissioned weekly. Branches of international companies open here. Holidays and festivals, political forums are held. It attracts millions of tourists who would like to become part of this maelstrom of events and opportunities.

Equally famous is sunny Antalya, the salty breeze, the warm sea, the picturesque mountains and the numerous foreigners will make adaptability to a new culture quick and easy.

The local climate allows you to forget about chronic respiratory diseases, transferring the disease to the stage of persistent remission. There is no winter; in the cold season, the air temperature rarely drops below + 16ºС. At any time, you can catch a ferry and go on an exciting journey to Cyprus.

Istanbul is the most popular tourist city.

Advantages include comprehensive improvement of residential areas, affordable prices for food and services, a large selection of ready-made multı apartment complexes and villas are under construction.

Also, foreign citizens love to settle in the ancient city of Izmir, which once bore the name of Smyrna. Here the natural landmark of Pamukkale, the castle of Kadifekale, where Alexander the Great stayed, the Kemeralt market and the Izmir wildlife park are found.

Proximity to the sea, mild climate, ancient architecture make Izmir a pearl of the Aegean region.

Fethiye is a small port city hidden on the turquoise coast of Turkey. On the one hand, it is washed by the clear blue water of the lagoon, and on the other, it is framed by the foot of the mountains with cedar and pine forests. The sun shines here 285 days a year. There are no large industries, and the population is around 84 thousand people. All this makes Fethiye a wonderful secluded place with great summers and mild winters.

Traditionally, real estate in Bodrum, which is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea in the province of Muğla, is in high demand. In ancient times, on the site of this tourist town was located the rich capital of Caria - Halicarnassus with its famous mausoleum. Now the Turkish government is investing heavily in the development of Bodrum. Many thousands of sailing and active nightlife enthusiasts come here every year.


Property Prices in Turkey

Property prices in Turkey are significantly lower than in Europe. A significant advantage is a warm climate, mild winters, proximity to the sea, well-equipped infrastructure and many other opportunities that living in a developed prosperous country gives.

Option cottage in the Beykoz area.


So, an apartment of 110 square meters in Mahmutlar on the first coastline will cost between 64,000 and 116,000 Euros. Apartments are 150 square meters in Istanbul (Sariyer) can be purchased for 420,000 -580,000 Euros. A cozy apartment 2 + 1 with furniture in Izmir will cost 46,000- 70,000 Euro’s.

A small one-story house in the resort of Didim can be bought for 35,000 – 60,000 Euro. Kargicak, a village near Alanya, also offer properties at similar prices. The cost of villas in Konakli starts at 50,000 Euros. In Avsallar – from 60,000 Euro. A house located on the Bodrum coast, with an outdoor pool and a cosy barbecue area, will cost from 60,000 to 115,000 Euros. The most expensive cottages are located in the Istanbul districts of Sariyer, Beykoz, Kirechburnu. Prices for them reach up to 8 million Euro.

Having decided to settle in the Republic of Turkey, some foreigners buy housing and commercial real estate, which brings them income and prosperity. So a promoted sports hall in the centre of Antalya will cost 30,000 – 50,000 Euro. The same amount would be the purchase of a room in the hotel Akbuke. Panoramic views of the sea, landscapes, mild climate, warm Aegean Sea. There are also many attractions from the ancient era that provide a steady flow of tourists and high rental income from such real estate.

A small store in Didim can be bought for 110,000 – 140,000 Euro. And the prices for offices in Istanbul start at 140,000 Euro.


Purchase Terms

Briefly, the conditions for buying Turkish real estate for foreigners are as follows:

  • Permission to purchase real estate, both individuals and legal entities can make a purchase;
  • The land area owned by foreign citizens cannot exceed 30 hectares;
  • Buying square meters is allowed throughout Turkey, except for border areas (among them - Trabzon, Zonguldak, Samsun, etc., this also includes areas of strategic importance for state security);
  • Purchase of the residential and commercial real estate, regardless of the cost and size, is the reason for obtaining a residence permit. If the purchase amount exceeds $ 250.000, the foreigner has the right to citizenship.

The purchase process begins with a visit to the region you like, the city, its infrastructure and local features. At the same time, you can look at the finished or under residential construction complexes. In our company, you can take a familiarization tour, in which you can get comprehensive information about the project, ask questions of interest, and evaluate the seller's trustworthiness.

Our managers will help you navigate a future transaction's bureaucratic intricacies and legal nuances. Our responsibilities are to select projects according to the client's request, show them, check for "cleanliness", draw up a sales contract and collect a package of documents to obtain a certificate of ownership (TAPU). If desired, the client can order services for further rental, the connection of communications or repair in new apartments.

The contract sale indicates data of the buyer and seller, the features of the project and the deadline. Only 1 document is required from a foreign citizen - a passport.

Both copies are filled out in English and Turkish and are notarized.

If the buyer wants to reserve the project, a deposit of about 1000-3000 euros will be required, depending on the property's value. After this, the project is reserved and withdrawn from sale. The advance amount is entered into the contract; the fines for violation of the agreement are also indicated. No penalty is applied if the buyer changes his mind and wishes to transfer the deposit to another project.

To apply for a TAPU, a foreigner must have:

  • Turkish tax number: it is useful for opening a bank account and for concluding agreements for utilities;

  • Bank account: to pay utility bills and help you apply for a residence permit.

As additional services, our company will do the follow up of your upcoming fees and bills. If you leave a deposit in your bank account, you can arrange automatic payments.

At the next stage, the buyer pays the seller in cash or by bank transfer. After that, TAPU is drawn up and agreements are concluded with utilities.


Assistance in Buying Turkish Real Estate

When deciding on such a crucial step as acquiring a villa or apartment in a foreign country, it is important to enlist the support of a reliable partner in the person of a realtor. Our Summer Home agency provides comprehensive consulting services, selection of real estate, verification of its 'cleanliness', execution of all legal documents and further support for clients who want to establish a life in a hospitable Turkey.

Real Estate
Summer Home is a developer and real estate agency in Turkey.

Our company is licensed and has all the permits issued by the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Service. Each of our employees graduated from real estate courses, is fluent in many languages and has extensive experience in resolving complex issues related to the purchase and registration of real estate in Turkey.

Over many years, we have established ourselves as a developer of residential complexes, which are popular with foreigners.

Each of our projects goes through the approval process and receives the entire permits package. Information about this is published on our website:

Construction is carried out to comply with all safety standards and use modern building materials. At all stages: from laying the foundation to completion, from selecting options to obtaining TAPU - a guide for us is a future owner who will enjoy a comfortable and cosy life.

This information was written in 2020. In the future, the prices of properties might change. Therefore Summer Homes is not accountable for these differences and this information can not be used as a reference against us or other companies.