Public Transport in Alanya

Public transportation in Alanya is convenient, and its efficiency is high. It is characterized by a large bus fleet, all new and with high capacity. It serves all segments of society, including students, children, the elderly, and people with special needs, as it aims to make transportation easy for everyone in Alanya.

The network of bus lines covers all Alanya, so you do not need to use your car. Buses will take you anywhere you want with only 4 TL if you pay with cash. Also, one of its most important characteristics is that all buses are air-conditioned in addition to being spacious that provides easy transport for baby carriages and people who use wheelchairs. Also, the bus doors slide open that allows the elderly and people with special needs to get on and off the bus easily and conveniently.

All the buses are featured with security cameras to make the journey safer, also a monitor the shows the route of the bus, and the next stop. Furthermore, it has two doors, and some have three; one for people to get in and pay for the ride, either cash or via city card, and the other one for exiting. This prevents any congestion and aims to keep the buses well-organized.

The bus routes are clear and well known. All buses are numbered, which indicates the area they cover, and the bus stops are numerous and cover large areas. The schedule of times for buses and hours is listed on the internet, or the main bus stops. Unfortunately, they might not be consistent sometimes but do not worry, that is because of the traffic.

Main Bus Station

The Friday Bazaar Bus station, it is in the city centre, near many famous markets, such as the Friday Bazaar and the central bazaar area. If you want to visit any area in Alanya, you can walk to this station and choose the right bus to reach your destination. Also, you can visit the most famous tourist destinations, such as Alanya Castle, Dim River, Cleopatra beach, Mahmutlar, Kargicak, and Kestel.

Bus lines

Many tourists use buses in Alanya, because it is easy to use, and the initial bus lines pass in the most vital areas of the city in addition to the hotels available along the road. Bus stops are enormous, and many buses are frequently travelling in its route with a rate of five minutes between each bus. Here are some of the most important buses that are used frequently:

  • 101 Ataturk Boulevard
  • 202 25.Meter Street
  • 4 Alanya Castle
  • 10 Dim Cay.

How to pay?

There are two options when it comes to paying. The first one being with cash ( 4 Turkish Lira ), and you can also pay with a card called '' Kent Kart ''.

Kent Kart is also known as Alanya city card, which was established to make bus experience much easier. You can add money to your card in markets all over the city.

Have a nice ride!

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