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Rising Rents Forces People to Share


Rising Rents costs are forcing people into situations that they aren’t always comfortable with suggests recent surveys. 

It’s a well-known fact that in recent months, rental prices have increased astronomically here in Turkey. In some places it has risen by a whopping 100% especially in the popular areas in Izmir and Ankara but this figure rises to 300% in some areas of Istanbul! 

As one solution, tenants, who were experiencing difficulties in paying their rent, started to look for a flatmate. Of course, there is a risk of eviction if a sub-tenant is taken without the permission of the landlord. This seems to be a risk many are keen to take because they just can’t afford to go it alone! 

It seems that once, people were satisfied with living alone and managing the rent because it was affordable; wages rose in line with inflation as did the rent. Nowadays, this is not the case and many people are filling their spare rooms with other tenants. In this way rent and bills are reduced. If the room rented has furniture, then they can ask for a higher amount. Students are really taking advantage of this and sometimes there can be three or four people all squeezed into one small property. 

Internet Searches 

Many roommates are found by searching on the internet. This is fraught with danger: 

  • Personal safety 

  • Theft of items from the home 

  • Non-payment of rent 

  • Domestic issues to do with cleanliness and privacy 

Some sub-tenants are found through friendship circles and work colleagues. Although this is a safer way of finding a sub-tenant, this practice remains illegal. 


A landlord has the right to issue an eviction lawsuit if the tenant has sub-let the house which he/she originally rented alone. In order for everything to be above board, the landlord must obtain a sub-lease in writing from the tenant or give written permission. This also stands for any changes made to the rental property. The rights given to you as a tenant are written in the lease and you must obtain written permission for any changes you wish to make.