Salda Lake

Salda lake's blue waters are best shown in the Summer season as the sun shines above the crystal blue waters.

Salda Lake has excellent potential for Tourism, even though it is not very popular and advertised. It's mysterious deep blue waters and has White like Stones. As you walk towards the Stones and touch the rocks, you notice they have a toothpaste like feeling. Because these structures, which are referred to as stromatolitic rocks in science, are also found on Mars. Salda was one of the two places in the world where they have these types of rock formations, the other one is in Canada. Researchers have been made by many science associations to figure out the cause of natural formation.

This research is also of great importance: It is believed that these stromatolitic structures are waste produced by a bacterium resistant to extreme conditions and that this resistant bacterium can be the first example of extraterrestrial life if it is adapted to the conditions of the drying Mars.

Let us talk about Yeşilova, Yeşilova is close to the lake and has a very vintage look with its old bikes and decorations gives you that feeling like you have travelled back in time to the '80s. Some people might think it's very classy but for some very outdated.

The Locals

Most of the people are very kind and humble. Some people run after you to give your 25 Kuruş you had just dropped. For people who also drink alcohol, there is no problem. The locals might not wear bikinis, but they definitely do not bother the people who wear them and its the same for alcohol.

Places to stay next to Salda Lake

Hotel Lago Di Salda

For those who do not want to go camping, there is the option of 2-star Lago di Salda close to the lake and has a great view of the lake.

Salda Lake Hotel

We are writing to indicate that the hotel is among the options. This hotel is entirely new and has a view of the lake.

Tefenni Villas

Tefenni Villas is one of the highly recommended places to stay in, but it is 40 minutes from Lake Salda. The villa-style rooms are gorgeous. Breakfasts are homemade from their gardens.

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