Seasons in Turkey

Turkey is a country that attracts tourists with its beauty, warmth, culture, traditions. Here you can enjoy a fabulous time with your family and friends. The beach season in Turkey begins in late April and lasts until October.

Best season for vacation in Turkey

The beach season in Turkey lasts seven months.


With the beginning of spring, beaches, hotels are beginning to open. By this month not many people like to come because of the possible rain, wind. Gradually, cold and rain are replaced by sunny warm days.

The average temperature in the Mediterranean coast is + 13 to + 22 ° C. At night, a natural decrease occurs, and the weather becomes + 6 ° C while the water temperature stays at + 19 ° C.

In May, the weather can be unpredictable so that you could have rain one day, and on the next, you might find sun, dryness, and high humidity are also characteristic.

Early spring in Turkey
In spring, sunny and warm days are to be expected all over Turkey.

By the end of May, a typical hot summer begins. At this time, the beginning of flowering, ripening of fruit trees, berry bushes.

Open Resorts

Turkey is preparing to receive tourists, declaring complete safety in terms of infection with coronavirus. According to experts, there are no risks. Starting from June 1, travelling between cities had begun.

The best way to spend time in Turkey

It is necessary to do your research to figure out where you want to go and make a plan.

Hot air balloon
Have an unforgettable experience by going on a hot air balloon.

Here are the best places to visit in Turkey, especially during the first trip to the country:

  1. Hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia. This event will leave an excellent impression. From going over 1km up in the air, you can take a glimpse of Cappadocia from a different perspective. The area is formed by rocks with a bewitching relief. These formations are the result of a volcanic eruption.
  2. Excursion in Pamukkale, which means means "cotton castle" in English and listen on the UNESCO World Heritage sights.
  3. Ephesus ruins. Ephesus is the largest ancient city in the world. The atmosphere is filled with antiquity - beautiful streets, Roman baths, the library of Celsius, an amphitheatre, temple buildings. The tour can be combined with a visit to the Cotton Castle.

In Turkey, many rivers are suitable for rafting. The safest ones are Dalaman and Koprulu rafting.

A boat trip is the best way to enjoy Turkish beauty from the sea. Tour organizers offer a wide variety of cruises. The prices vary depending on the program and its duration.

Hammam - the so-called Turkish bath. This is an excellent place to rest for the mind and body. Very popular local and hotels with hammams are highly recommended.

Turkish Grand Bazaar should be visited by every shopaholic. It is worth buying at least a fridge magnet that will remind you of the trip. There is nothing that cannot be purchased here, from hand-made jewellery to expensive accessories. All you need to remember that you should bargain when buying something in these sort of shops because sellers often overprice their goods.
The best, funniest parties are held at Kemer's nightly entertainment clubs - Aura First, Aura Moonlight and Inferno. Those who love to dance and listen to some loud music, these places are just for you. However, there are some areas where foam parties are cancelled, for example, in Antalya. The ban was introduced due to an accident that occurred in one of the clubs.

Warm and cheap May

The final spring month is suitable for those who do not like the heat. The temperature at this time is + 24 to + 28 ° C. The number of vacationers is growing.

This is a transitional period from calm to the active phase. The cost of a vacation in May is the lowest you can find. But this does not mean you can't have a wonderful time. For example, there are sound, and light shows in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. They continue until mid-October.


In Turkey, the beach season begins in June.

Lazy June

Hotels are open by then, but you won't find any hotels full at this month. Beaches gradually filled with sunbeds. The largest number of vacationers visit during the month and is maintained at this level until September.

Lazy june
In June, the beaches are filled with sunbathers.

Basically, at the beginning of summer, they go to rest with their children. The average water temperature is + 22 to + 30 ° C. The humidity level rises, so the heat gets less tolerable. There is a slight chance that some evenings may be cold to get in the water because of the breezy and chilly nights.

For those who purposefully go swimming, it is recommended to arrive after June 10. The warmest area in Turkey is by the Mediterranean, and it gets cold as you go further to the North.

For those who like warmth, and not heat and the scorching sun, it is worth coming in the first summer month, when you can even walk at noon in a hurry and explore the local sights, fall asleep on the beach and not get sunburned.

The hottest months are July and August

The hottest Turkish months are in July and August. For this reason, they are most attractive; the number of tourists at this time is high. Most people go to lie down on the beach, swim in the sea.

On the coast, it is difficult to find an empty space because there both locals and foreigners. In the shade, the thermometer rises to + 39 ° C. The best time for a safe, beautiful tan is morning and afternoon.

The hottest months
July and August are the most popular moths for a beach holiday.

In the North, the temperature is slightly lower, so those who physically poorly tolerate the heat should go there. The climate here is milder at this time.

August is the hottest month of the tourist season. Rains here are exceptions, and the rooms are mostly booked in the hotels. In the last summer month, everyone is still keen on tanning.

The characteristic advantages of this time are the variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of grapes, peaches, figs, berries, etc. At the very end of August, you may have the opportunity to purchase a ticket at a low cost ("hot tours").


Despite the autumn season, many tourists travel to Turkey. The country at this time is warm enough.

September is the time for children

It's hot in the afternoon, even in September. The temperature is up to + 30 ° C, but in the evening there is a refreshing coolness.

The sea temperature is suitable for swimming. For example, in mid-September, there are art exhibition begins to operate in Istanbul.

Art exhibition in Turkey
In September, an art exhibition opens.

Closed beaches in October

Water temperature is about + 24 ° C. The cost of housing is reduced; therefore, people tend to rent apartments instead of staying in hotels. In the last days of the month, the rainy season begins.

October 29 is a national holiday where to Turks celebrate Republic Day. It is celebrated solemnly with parades and other events.

Cool November

In November, the weather changes dramatically, and so does the influx of tourists. The time for a beach holiday, swimming season has passed. At the beginning of the month, the temperature is + 20 ° C, and at the end, it drops to + 15 ° C. The warmest cities are Alanya, Belek, Gazipasa. A good alternative is spa hotels and thermal springs in the resorts of Bolu, and Pamukkale.


Winter is the time when the beach season ends, and the period for outdoor activities opens. At this time, there are also enough people who want to visit the country. Winter is mild and warm, and the weather varies slightly by depending on the month.

Excursions on December

In December, the best time to visit the excursions is warm, and there are no frosts. The average temperature is + 15 ° C, at night it drops to + 5 ° C. At this time, there are winds and rains. Few risk diving into the sea. The number of visitors is low, but increases with approaching the New Year.

December in Turkey
The number of visitors to the New Year is increasing.

New Year in January

January is cold and rainy. The influx of tourists is slightly higher than last month due to the New Year. Daytime temperature is a maximum of + 10 ° C, and at night - up to + 7 ° C. Since it is damp, it feels much cooler. The water temperature is heated to + 17 ° C.

Daytime temperature is + 5 ... + 10 ° С, and night temperature + 3 ... + 7 ° С. Water warms up to + 17 ° C.

February in Turkey

Turkish February is the same as January. Not much different in terms of weather, climatic conditions. Winter sports are in full swing.


The most popular resorts:

  1. "Uludag." Located 25 km from Bursa. There are a total of 25 tracks. They are suitable for children, adults, professionals and amateurs. The total length is 17 km.
  2. Erciyes. Located near Cappadocia, near the city of Kayseri. The length of the tracks is 56 km.
  3. Palandoken / Erzurum. Includes 23 tracks. The total length is 40 km.
Ski season in Turkey
Ski resorts are suitable for children and adults.

You can go skiing and snowboarding.

Instructors for beginners work, and resorts are characterized by a developed infrastructure.


For many, the time when it is better to go to Turkey is connected with the passing festivals dedicated to the theme of art. The resorts of the coast also have exciting activities.
The main ones are: 

  1. Istanbul Film Festival. It began in 1982. The duration is ten days. This year the festival was held from April 10 to 21.
  2. Day of national sovereignty and protection of children. Date - April 23.
  3. Sun Splash Festival - a music festival with jazz, funk performers, the boss of music. Location and date - Bodrum, from August 12 to 16.
  4. The international festival of sand monuments, when many sculptors from different countries gather on the beach in Antalya under the name Lara and create masterpieces on predetermined topics. Time - from May 15.
  5. Festival of Culture and Arts. Occurs in September, held in the city of Side. From June 15 to 25 they give free concerts in the ruined amphitheatre and the temple of Apollo.
  6. From mid to late June, the folk music and dance festival are held with the promotion of Turkish culture and traditions in different areas of Antalya.
  7. The international street food festival falls on the first summer month. This is an interesting event when different nations present their national cuisines. Conduct master classes for those wishing to learn the art of cooking exotic dishes. The time is from June 6 to 9.
  8. The DREAMLAND Music and Dance Festival in Tents is an event that is worth visiting for those who like to live in tents, visit yacht tours, rafting. Only the best artists, dancers are present. Date - from July 16 to July 23.
Sun Splash Festival
Sun Splash Festival is a music festival.


To have a cheap vacation in Turkey, it is worth flying in late April - early May. The cost of tickets is low, but the water in the sea is cold. If you want to swim, you should choose the Mediterranean, because the sea warms up quickly.

An inexpensive vacation in Turkey is provided in the winter. But swimming is no longer possible. But you can relax on excursions, better get acquainted with the monuments of antiquity, the culture of the East. The cost of tickets increases closer to the New Year. Since January 10, prices have been falling, and at this level, they remain until April.


Depending on the purpose of rest, it is worth choosing the time. For example, if the main task is to sunbathe in the sun, then the best time is in July-August. When the main goal - visiting excursions and the heat is not important, you can come in October - November. For those who prefer winter sports, the best option is December - February.

Weather and entertainment in popular cities - recommendations

Turkey has a lot of fun. There are several recommendations for what to do in popular cities of the country:

  • Rafting
  • Diving
  • Paragliding
  • Jeep safari
  • ATV riding
  • Yacht cruises
  • Visit the hammam
  • Aquarium
  • Gastronomic tours
  • Cable car to the top of Takhtaly
  • For children - dolphinariums, water parks.
You can go diving in Turkey.

When a trip is worth putting off

In connection with pandemic situations, it is worthwhile to postpone the trip at the initial sign of ailment. You need to travel in a good mood and in good health.


Officially, Turkey received permission to receive tourists in the summer. She is on the list of the safest countries. There is no risk of contracting coronavirus.
This is a resort country with developed tourism. The holiday season in Turkey can be planned for months. Here you can relax just by sunbathing under the hot Turkish sun on a sandy beach, visiting excursions and other recreational activities, such as festivals. In winter, winter sports are recommended. Knowing the features of the holiday seasons in Turkey for months, you can choose the right time to travel.