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Serik, with its natural and cultural wealth

Serik is one of the districts of Antalya, which has a 20-kilometre coastline. There are hundreds of touristic facilities such as Belek, Bogazkent and Kadriye on this coastline. As it is known, Belek is one of the famous places preferred by foreign tourists during the summer.

Serik has other beauties beyond the touristic coastline. There are attractive cultural aspects and natural beauties in Serik district, which also hosts the historical Aspendos Theater.

Cenotes in Serik

Cenotes fascinate people with their deep blue or green-toned colours, which are natural structures formed by water accumulating in underground caves. Turkey is so rich in terms of natural beauties that you can find natural pools that resemble these cenotes in Serik. Nearly all of the natural pools are located on Kocadere, which is between Akbas Pool and Etler Waterfall. Some spots known as King's and Viking Pool have become very popular last summer with the influence of social media. 

The environment in Gokbuvet reminds us of the heavenly places we see in the movies, reached by passing secret roads in Far East tropical countries. But, getting to these ponds requires some effort. Also, since the telephone signals are weak in some areas, it is advisable not to go alone against any setbacks.

Zeytintas Cave

The cave, located in the south of Akbas village and was found by chance while the Manavgat Road was being built. The most important feature of Zeytintasi Cave is that its formation is still ongoing. That's why you are not allowed to take pictures in the cave due to its chemical properties; the cave preserves its natural beauty.

Aspendos Ancient City and Sillyon

Aspendos Theater is not seen in Serik for being the best-preserved Roman Mediterranean theatre. In the magnificence of the ancient theatre, one makes you feel like you are taking a historical journey. The entrance fee is 50 TL and to get to Aspendos Ancient City, you can find the signs on the Antalya-Alanya road. For those with a museum card, admission is free. The historical Aspendos Bridge and historical aqueducts are also very close to Aspendos Ancient City. One of the cultural areas that can be visited in Serik is the ancient city of Sillyon, which is located on a rocky hill 15 kilometres from the town centre of Serik. 

Sillyon, which was one of the wealthiest cities of the region, which was connected to the Kingdom of Pergamon in ancient times, is still catching attention due to its location, even though it is in ruins and neglected today. We have good news, especially for those who like to take pictures; entering to Sillyon Ancient City is free.

It is a good feature that Side Antique City and Koprulu Canyon in Manavgat district are near to each other.

Antalya is one of the wealthiest cities in Turkey in terms of tourism. You can discover the beauties of Serik district by admiring nature.