Study in Turkey

Turkey is a multicultural and welcoming country for all. Whatever your purpose to come to Turkey is, the country welcomes you with all it has. The great nature, seven regions with various cultures, cuisines and climates, and friendly people are just some of them. Among various reasons people come to Turkey, studying in a high school or university is the one we will be discussing today. There are many universities in Turkey that have their places in top university lists. Most of them are located in İstanbul and Ankara.


Top ranked universities of Turkey such as Bogazici University, Bilkent University, Sabancı, University or Middle East Technical University have a wide range of degree programs that can attract the attention of international students. Their language of education is English, and they offer globally acknowledged graduate, masters and PhD degrees with worldwide accreditation. Their programs and research activities enable them to be ranked among the best universities of the world. In addition to these, extra-curricular activities such as students’ clubs, nice campuses with many facilities, dormitories, sports clubs and much more.

Scholarships for International Students

Turkish Government offers many scholarship opportunities for international students. After being accepted by a university in Turkey as an international student, students can apply for the scholarships if they are eligible. The eligibility criteria are determined by Turkish Government and announced before each application period. The scholarships offer various kinds of benefits. These include accommodation, tuition fees, health expenses and travel expenses. Accommodation enables students a secured place in the dormitory of the university they are accepted. If the student wants to move out, they have to pay for their own expenses. Turkish universities do not ask for fees from their students, so education is completely free. Also, all international students are covered by the public health insurance of Turkish Government. The health insurance is provided by the government for both citizens and international students. Turkish Government provides two tickets for the students to come to Turkey and to go back to their country after their studies are finished as travel expenses.

Application Process for Scholarships

The application process is similar to other kinds of scholarships. The requirements include student’s University Entrance Exam Grade, Diploma Grade, Average Grades, High School Graduation, International Test Score and CGPA. Before starting this application process, students should check their country’s status. Turkish Government has a list of countries which are allowed to apply the scholarship in question in the application period given. Different periods of application allow different countries to apply for scholarships for graduate, masters or PhD programs. Additionally, each year Turkish Government announces the age of the applicants that can apply for the scholarships for different programs. The age restriction is very important and must be checked before the application. Another important restriction is that if you are already studying in Turkey, you cannot apply for a scholarship. Therefore, students must do their research before they come to Turkey. Applicants must prepare their documents and present them when asked.

Prestigious Departments of Universities in Turkey

Universities in Turkey offer various prestigious programs in free academic environments with their prestigious academic staff and many facilities. Architecture departments offer one of these prestigious programs in many universities especially in Bilkent and Bahcesehir Universities. They offer programs with easy access to knowledge and all kinds of academic achievements so that students receive a globally-accepted and extensive education to acquire the required skills, experience and equipment. Also, civil engineering programs in Turkey offer a wide variety of features to graduate skilled, experienced, worldly-accepted students. In general, engineering programs are prestigious in Turkey. Their contemporary curriculums, freedom of access to knowledge and highly-skilled academic staff are their best assets.