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Swing time

You would be forgiven for thinking I'm talking about a Jazz revival group but no this is about garden swings! Many people have discovered the joy of swinging, the relaxation it brings and the fact it can be done anywhere where you have space for a hook. Most of us can link childhood memories to the times we spent on a swing with our grandparents, parents or friends. We can't remember what it looked like but we can remember how it made us feel, chilled and relaxed, maybe you even fell asleep in there. All these feelings can be recreated as an adult by incorporating a swing into your life.

You've spent the time interior decorating and now your focus has turned to your garden or balcony area. This article will help you choose the swing perfect for your situation.

Single person swings

They can be made of wood, plastic or hessian. Egg-shaped or traditional wood styles or unique, contemporary models.


Probably best for larger spaces. Create a zen-like space which moves with the air and transports you to a heavenly place.