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Tasty Foods Of Alanya

Delicious Regional Dishes Of Alanya

Yarpuzlu Akdarı Çorbası (Millet Soup With Pennyroyal)

Pennyroyal ususally grows on river banks and next to canals, the taste is similar to mint, it smells nice and it has a calming effect.

Şepit (Flat Bread)

Prepared on an iron plate on top of fire beeing constantly turned around to make it cook well and keep it from burning. Just before it's done it is being put ontop of the burning coals to make it have its nice colour. One side is then smeared with butter and a fillin, usually goat cheese is put on the other side, then roll it and it's ready to be eaten.

Döğme Aşı (Wheat Porridge)

After the wheat has been cleaned properly, it will be added to a pot with onion and needs to be mixed continuously until it's ready. When the texture is similar to porridge, some butter will be added on top and it is to beaten when hot.

Laba (Filled Ribs)

Beeing cooked on high heat and sawn together with a thick needle to prevent it from scattering. After being cooked the strings are taken away and the stew poured on top.

Laba Yemeği için Hazırlanmış Hayvan Kaburgası (Labalık)

Bumbar (Chitterlings)

The chitterlings are cut to small pieces and stewed with butter and water. Served with squeezed lemon and black pepper.


İlibada Sarması (Stuffed Vine leaves)

Rice or grounded wheat is mixed with olive oil or butter, salt, tomato, tomato paste, red peppers and some seasoning are mixed in a bowl. The stuffing made is then divided to small amounts on the vine leaves, roll them up and put in a pot to cook with a small amount of water. Cooked on medium heat.

Labada Sarması

Göleviz (Colocasia)

Cooked on medium heat until soft. Minced meat or meat with bones are often added. Just before the colocasia is done some lemon juice is squeezed in and mixed.

Etli Göleviz

Taze Ülübü Yemeği (Fresh Kidney Beans)

Cooked with minced meat or small pieces of meat in a pot together with butter, chopped onion and pepper. Later peeled and chopped tomatoes are added. The last the beans are put in with some water and cooked on medium heat.

Ülübü Yemeği

Taze Bakla Yemeği (Broad Bean)

The beans are properly cleaned and the heads removed with a knife before cooking. Chopped onion, butter, pepper, meat or minced meat is first cooked in a pot. Peeled and chopped tomatoes will be added and after being cooked for a while the beans with some salt and water. Cooked on medium heat.

Mantar (Mushrooms)

There are various mushrooms found in Alanya area, such as milk cap, woolly milk cap, rufous milk cap, truffel and champignon. In autumn when the rainy season begins the first ones growing are the rufous milk caps. When cooking, the mushrooms are first properly cleaned and chopped. Then fried on a frying pan with chopped onion and olive oil or butter. Later on some water is added with tomato paste and seasonings. It can also be cooked with chick peas.

Öksüz Helvası (Orphan's Halvah)

When the halvah is baked it's been given a form and put on a tray. When given a form cylinder is located in the middle so the halvah around forms a wall. the sides are given a decorational form. Boiled butter is filled in the hole all the way to the top and it's ready to be served.

Alanya'nın En Meşhur Tatlılarından Öküz(Öksüz) Helvası

Çigirdik (Sesame Croquettes)

An amount of sesame is cleaned and mixed with equal amount of honey and roasted in a pot. When it has been roasted long enough the pods should come off. Then it's spread on a large plate with a spoon. After it has cooled down, it is cut in pieces and served. Grape syrup can also be used instead of honey. The sweet is commonly prepared on cold winter days.


Turunç Reçeli (Bitter Orange Jam)

One kilogram of sugar is needed per 8- 10 bitter oranges. The sugar is poured on top of the oranges and let wait one whole day so the juice comes out. Afterwards two glasses of water is added and the oranges are boiled with the sugar. While boiling on high heat, the foam forming on top will be removed. One lemon will be squeezed on top of the formating jam to prevent sugar formation. After boiling for a while more the jam is let to cool down and then divided into jars.

Kaynatılmış Turunç Reçeli

Kırtakı (Pumpkin Dessert)

Kırtakı can be made of pumpkin,calabash or water melon shell. After the shell is removed it is chopped in pieces sized about 3- 5 cm. The pieces are then left to wait in water mixed with chalk or ash. After the shells are beeing cleaned the are put on a frying pan on top of boiling grape or carob syrup. When the stiffnes is right, it will be taken of fromt the stove and left to cool down. After cooling down the pieces are put on a jug or a cruse and sealed close.