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Tazı Canyon

The Tazı Canyon is located in the Köprülü Canyon National Park, which borders are between Serik, Manavgat and Isparta. The new discovery of the Tazı Canyon is owed to social media. By searching it on Google maps, it will guide you to the spot where the view is most famous for.

The side walls of the Tazı Canyon are said to be between 200 meters and 400 meters high. This point became one of the most prefered spots for wedding photographers. Tazı Canyon has attracted many people who participate in outdoor activities, such as; nature hiking groups, travellers and campers. After the Tazı Canyon "Valley of Bilgelik", the historical Eurymedon (Köprüçay) valley "Köprülü Canyon" and "Selge Ancient City" are the next most visited points in the area. There is a certain number of mammals and bird species living around Köprülü Canyon National Park and in Tazı Canyon. Some of them are, wild goats, caracals, lynx, deer, ibex, bear, fox, wolf, rabbit, marten, badger, Griffon Vulture, Sitta Neumayer, Rock Eagle, rock thrush, Cretzschmar's bunting , Scarlet Bunting, Snake Eagle, Rock Pigeon, Rock Swallow, Rock Bunting are the main bird species living in the National Park.

There are pure cypress, cedar, Taurus Fir and larch trees around the Gazi Canyon. Unfortunately, the other places in the Tazı Canyon, it is under danger due to pollution. Therefore we must warn people not to throw their rubbish around the areas but to collect them and to dispose of them to the nearest bin.