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The Gorgeous Lake of Akgol

The lake, which is in Turkey/ Akgol, is located between the trees in the forest. As you walk through the woods, you will hear the birds chirping and notice that the ground is clean. The lake is more than 2700 sqm, has many places for you to camp and have picnic. We would like to add, you can also go canoeing in Summer, Autumn and Spring. Around the lake, there are walking paths with a bunch of flowers near the lake for joggers. In Winter, this place is covered with lots of snow. You can climb up to the hills and ski.

The lake was established and announced as a tourism destination after its official opening in 1991 by the government of tourism and mayor of Sino. What makes this lake so unique, is because the lake has its own beauty and activities in every season. But we must add, there are many animals living there, such as rabbits, birds, wild boars, wolves and bears. So you must be careful and take precautions before you consider staying here.