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The Kastamonu Hat Museum

The museum which had opened in 2008, owns many hats starting from the Huns period until today. Here you may find up to 800 different types of hats, which all are unique in their own individual way.

In the museum, owns hats previously owned by the 9’th president of Turkey, the old prime minister of turkey and many other famous people. Even though the hat museum is being advertised as its own museum, it is actually a part of the Culture and Art Centre.

According to the museum manager, the number of hats is increasing within each year. She added that a part of the museum is separated into dates and many people come to the museum to see these old hats. Numbers show that many people are visiting the museum. From the beginning of 2019 until august 2019, there have been 92 thousand 142 visitors. Even though the numbers are impressive, the manager and tourism department in Kastamonu expect the numbers to be better next year.