The Lavender Gardens of Kuyucak Village

If you pass through Isparta, that beautiful smell probably coming from the lavender gardens of Kuyucak village. This village is one of the places in Turkey where millions of people visit every year, reminiscent of the Provence region of France. It is so impressive that it could even be a rival to France. This area shows a great example of rural development.

Isn’t life all about hopes and dreams? Well, the lavender garden in Isparta was a dream and now is a reality for everyone thanks to Ali Sağdaş. Ali is an engineer and started his project by making lavender honey. As his project continued, resulted in the view you see now. The project was introduced to the comity in 2015 and started in 2016. Thanks to the project the people of this village, mainly the women are being educated in how to grow, maintain, reproduce and produce products from these colourful flowers. The lavender garden opens its doors to their guests between the dates of 25 June – 15 August. For those who would like to visit this superb area, it is possible to go sightseeing in the village by walking or by renting a bike, take pictures of the lovely sunset and sunrise of the garden, participate in the yoga sessions and the theatres.