The Peaceful Life in Kaz Mountains

Küçükkuyu, known for being the entrance to the Aegean. It has many small villages, clear seas and emerald green forests surrounding the areas. Since the ancient times is a place under the Kaz Mountains and covered with olive trees, lush greenery and oxygen-rich area makes it one of the best places to home guests.

Instead of being a popular and busy holiday destination, Küçükkuyu is quite and peaceful. There are no loud music and hardly anyone to bother you in the small village. During the day you can enjoy its beaches, and at night you can enjoy fresh fish from the restaurants. Due to its strategic location many old civilisations such as; Lydians, Persians, pergamon and Byzantines lived here.

Adatepe village

After going through the twisty roads in the Kaz Mountains, you end up in the village of Adatepe village. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, this village makes it one of the oldest villages in Turkey. Due to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the village was abandoned and forgotten. A few years back, the village was refound and was restored to its current condition.

The Lands of Zeus

Just above the Adatepe Village lies the Land of Zeus. As you are walking to the top of the mountain, a spectacular view awaits you. Make sure to take pictures of the hole next to the stairs where it is believed to have the footprints of Zeus. There is a tree at the top which is supposed to be a holy place where the locals would sacrifice people to their god.

Yeşilyurt Village

Yeşilyurt is a similar tourism destination to Adatepe village. You can find boutique hotels and many untouched areas due to its small population. We would like to add that the villagers get their income from their natural products made from olives.