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The Village of Rocks, Kayaköy

If you pass Hisarönü Village and walk 5 km further through the pines, you will see the dream village. The name of this place is Kayakoy. Towards the hillside, this village was an old Greek settlement, consisting of hundreds of houses lined up respectfully, one not disturbing the other. As the Greeks were good agriculturists, they would not build a house on the farmland. The houses were built on rocky, stony areas. Twenty-five thousand people lived in the village until 1922.

During the "exchange" after the War of Independence, the inhabitants of the village migrated to Greece. The village is known to have lived in the Christian community since the 13th century. Immigrants from Western Thrace were settled here. There are now a few thousand inhabitants left on the plain. The old houses are now completely protected. There were two churches and 14 chapels in the village, which was formerly called Levissi. Before the exchange, it was a lively settlement with primary schools for boys and girls, doctors and pharmacies, a printing house and shops. They even had newspapers published.

Most of the Muslims who came through the exchange migrated to other places for various reasons. For those who migrated to Greece had settled somewhere near Athens.

When you follow the stone paved road and reach the chapel on the hill, you can see Soğuksu Bay with a panoramic view. Even though the weather is very hot, this place always refreshes you with a cool breeze. There is always a breeze in Kayakoy and there are no mosquitoes.

You can walk to Ölüdeniz by walking on the road from the old village. The walk only takes 5 km and you can enjoy the view as you are walking among the pines.