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Things To Know About The Turkish Hospitality

One of the most known characteristics of Turkey is the hospitality of its people, and one of the most fundamental attractions for foreigners are the small gestures they experience while they are visiting Turkey.

Turkey is considered as a nation with the most cultural diversities, from cuisines to welcoming, history and language backgrounds.

It's a common thing to go to your neighbour's house for a coffee or a little cup of Turkish coffee and enjoy a random chat. Such things are not so popular these days around the world, though it's pretty much experienced anywhere in turkey or anytime on regular bases. Yet when we talk about hospitality in Turkish culture, it doesn't pause at having tea or coffee; actually, its roots go way deeper into Turkish culture and history.

In Turkey, you'll come across a lot of things that will make you feel welcomed and maybe one of your old relatives' homes where get to try a real home-cooked meal and pastries, many Turkish family homes you can smell their cooking right across the street, till this day!

Such traditions usually in a lot of countries, unfortunately, are not so common in this modern, fast-paced world and in most of the developed countries where you may find such things only in the outskirts of the major cities.

In turkey you can find that anywhere, any home you go to you'll be invited for a meal, could be just a simple meal, yet gives you such a good appetizing feeling like the old days, all of us had such days.

If you're on holiday and you have friends in Turkey there's no way they won't invite you to stay at least a night over and have an experience of their modest yet welcoming lifestyle, it could be the simplest things like offering you 'the guest' the best seat in the house to the best bed to sleep in, to the goodies such as the fancy 'Turkish Delight' as it may not seem common in a lot of places in the world, but the Turks tend to share their best of things with the wanderers who visit rarely or for the first time.

And they save such things to such occasions as well, and they prepare for the welcoming of anyone like when a country prepares for a diplomatic delegate from another country.

With all those factors and much more, it's very hard for a lot of foreigners not to feel the sense of belonging to Turkey after even their first visit. That's one of the reasons why we find a lot of people from all around the globe started to live in turkey just based of their first experience with the culture and remain to enjoy all aspects of this beautiful undying tradition.

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