Title Deed -TAPU

Tapu is the name of the title deed in Turkish, which is a legal document showing that you own all rights to the property. The owner's full name, photograph and detailed information on the assets are shown in this document.

What do you need to do for obtaining a TAPU?

This official document is provided and registered in the Land Registry Office in the location of your property. The title deed is archived here and must be sealed with a stamp. While applying for your title deed, you must come in person (or your trustee with the power of attorney) to the Land Registry Office with the seller of the property in Turkey and hire an official interpreter (if you do not speak Turkish). After signing those documents, the purchasing process of the property in Turkey is finished and you become an owner and have all rights to your property in Turkey.

How does the process work?  

  • The translation and original buyer's passport  
  • Buyer's tax number  
  • Appraisal report  
  • Statement of identity form  
  • The current title deed  
  • Sellers ID  


How long does the title deed process take? It can generally take between one and two days but this is dependent on the backlog of work at the Land registry office.  

When do I pay the price of the property? This must be paid in advance of going to the Tapu office.  

Is there a different process for obtaining a title deed for Turkish Citizenship? When you buy a property for Turkish Citizenship by investment, you cannot sell the property within three years and this must be stated on the title deed papers.  

What happens if I die? Your family has the right to inherit after your death because in Turkey, the property you buy is classified as freehold  

Can my children (under 18 years old) have title deeds on their names? Yes. You will need their birth certificate, which has been certified by a notary in Turkey.  

How many people can share a title deed? There is no limit to how many names can be written on the title deed.  

Does my spouse have the rights to my property? According to Turkish law, if you purchase the property after your marriage, then your spouse has the same rights as you, even if your spouse's name is not written on the title deed.  

I have lost my original title deed. What can I do? It is a simple process to have the title deed reprinted as there is a hard and soft copy kept at The Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. 

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