Tourism in Tunceli

Tunceli is a province in Turkey which is located in the eastern side of the Anatolian area. The province is surrounded by beautiful mountains that display a beautiful view. Tunceli is a land with untouched natural habitat with its lush greenery and rocky steep cliffs. This province, lies 133 kilometres north of Elazig, 280 kilometres from Erzurum and 375 kilometres from Sivas.

Tunceli’s economy is based on farming and agriculture. There are many factories in partner with the Elazig province. These factories process cotton to make yarn.

Once known as Dersim, Tunceli had a similar history to other Anatolian cities in the past. Homing many civilisations. There were Urartians and Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. Ruins that remain are displayed in museums and throughout the city.

One of the most famous ruin is the fortress of Pertek, located outside the city, on the road to Elazig, which dates back to the Middle Ages. There is also the Mazgirt fortress and several historical bridges within Tunceli

Another beautiful spot nearby is the 36-kilometre long Munzur Valley in the Tunceli National Park. Many people come here for the curative properties of its mineral springs. There is also a river which streams are filled with trout, making it excellent for fishing. This area is also an ideal destination for hiking.

In recent years there have been projects to make this natural park an area for rafting, over the years of figuring out if it might work, in 2019 the governor of Tunceli announced that rafting is now possible in the river. The rafting foundation had decided to celebrate the opening by arranged the world rafting tournaments in the Munzur Valley. The tournament was a great success with guesting more than 20 different countries with 800 athletes. Because of the success, the governer with the rafting foundations decided to make this province a holiday destination for water sport athletes. Now you can find a facility with all sorts of fast boats and rafts for you to enjoy a nice time in the river.

Within 2 years the province had built, 24 children parks, 6 football pitches and a golf training area. The best gold coaches of Turkey can be found here, giving the best service to their costumers. Also, there is a horse farm and a fun zipline park.