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Turkey is famous for its kebabs

Visitors coming to Turkey, especially from the UK, have preconceived ideas about what a kebab should look like and taste like. Well, to be honest nothing like the ‘dirty kebab’ you get after a night out in one of the UK’s pubs. Kebabs here don’t stand for a particular dish but for the different ways in which meat is prepared on the grill. The word ızgara means grill.  

So, if the rotisserie on which the meat is placed is horizontal, then it will be called a şiş kebab but if it is vertical then it's called a döner kebab. The meat used can vary so either beef, mutton or chicken. Kebabs can be served in a variety of ways. 

  • On a plate with rice, grilled vegetables and a baked onion-Adana kebab 

  • With yoghurt-iskender kabab 

  • Wrapped in lavas ( a thin tortilla-like bread) -durum 

Whilst most of us Brits eat our takeaway kebab while walking or getting a taxi home, most Turks wouldn’t dream of doing this. So, you will find local lokantas where you order your dürüm and it will come wrapped in paper which you unpeel as you eat it. It will contain the meat of your choice and onion and parsley and that’s it! Of course, no one here will frown upon you if you add ketchup or mayonnaise. Sometimes it will be accompanied by a small green salad and always with the ubiquitous ayran, a sort of salty yoghurt drink which is very popular here. Whichever kebab you decide to go for, you can be assured that it's not only very tasty but it won’t cost the earth either!