May in Turkey

The delightful month of May in Turkey is the best time to visit the country's historical heritage and natural beauties. The month is also suitable for a relaxing beach holiday - the temperatures are around 25 ° C and the sea is pleasantly refreshing. In May, it particularly attracts tourists to Turkey who want to combine their leisure activities or sightseeing tours with relaxation.

Time in Turkey in May
May in Turkey is a very favourable time to relax.

How to spend May in Turkey

May characterizes relatively small number of tourists. This makes it possible to more meaningfully approach to the sightseeing places of the country, and choose excursion trips. 

An additional advantage of holidays in May, are much lower hotel and private accommodation. Tours, souvenirs and bazaar goods are at least 20% cheaper.

The mild off-season temperature of +24 ... + 26 ° C makes May comfortable month to combine travelling with beach holidays. 

Festivals and Holidays

In May you can take part or witness National holidays.

Official holidays declared as bank holidays:

  1. May 1 - Labour and Solidarity Day. On this day, mass demonstrations are held in the country. They pass relatively calmly, under the supervision of the police.

  2. May 19 - Ataturk Memorial Day, the main venue is the capital - Ankara. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the creator and first president of the Republic of Turkey. The date is associated with the beginning of Turkey's struggle for independence. On this day in 1919, he addressed the youth and announced mobilisation against the occupying forces and the Sultan's government, which had surrendered in the First World War. May 19 was declared the Day of Youth and Sports. Various sport disciplines and concert events are held during the celebration.

Labour and Solidarity Day
Demonstrations take place on Labour and Solidarity Day.

Thematic holidays and festivals:

  • May 5 - International Theater Festival
  • May 29 - Conquest Celebration of Constantinople (the Ottomans celebrate concerts of military bands, costumed processions, fireworks)
  • Yunus Emre Cultural Festival
  • Turkish folk dance
  • music festival MayFest

Wellness procedure

Part of excursion travel program can be combined with wellness procedures. Medical resorts have been opened in the country. Thermal waters, mud baths, natural wells with mineral springs are located both high in the mountains and on the coast. Tourists most often visit:

  • Wellness procedures
    There are thermal waters in Turkey.

    Dalyan - a town located near the Aegean Sea, thermal springs and natural mud baths, useful for patients with musculoskeletal system problems;

  • Kangal - a high-mountain resort with healing water and mud, indicated for skin diseases;

  • Afyonkarahisar - the thermal capital of the country, with mineral springs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, digestive and endocrine systems;

  • Pamukkale - "Cotton Castle" where tourists are treated with waters saturated with hydrogen sulfide and calcium, useful for the digestive tract and the nervous system;

  • Balçova  - a resort near Izmir, where water and mud baths are offered, as well as fractures rehabilitation and operations;

  • Yalova - mountainous pure air, ​​Marmara Sea beaches, and a thermal complex with sultan baths, hammam, sport grounds, and mineral water for treating stomach diseases, rheumatism, urological problems;

  • Kemer - is famous not only for its Mediterranean beaches but the central location for spa&wellness centres, for treating stress and depression using mud wraps and thalassotherapy;

  • Çeşme -  is a popular family resort on the Aegean Sea near Izmir, where relaxation can be combined with a visit to the thermal baths located on the beach and thalassotherapy (seaweed wrap);

  • Bolu - a mountainous area rich in coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs, clean air and mineral waters, which has gained popularity thanks to comfortable hotels offering spa treatments, water and mud baths;

Active and extreme entertainment

Turkish hotels offer guests a variety of entertainment options.


  • hiking trails for one-day and multi-day hikes;
  • the Olympos cable car leading to the top of Mount Tahtali, where you can sit in a cafe and admire the sunrise;
  • fishing in the deep seas or on a mountain river;
  • boat trip;
  • visit the water park (second half of May).
Cable car
the Olympos cable leads to the top of the Tahtali mountain.

Extreme entertainment (with training):

  • rafting on the rivers Dalaman, Kepruchay, Eshen, Kyzylirmak, Manavgat;

  • diving in popular places - Fethiye, Kas, Marmaris, Kemer, Kalgan island;

  • windsurfing and kitesurfing;

  • excursion to Cappadocia, where hot air balloon flights are organized;

  • paragliding  (with an instructor);

  • jeep safari on mountain roads with a stop for a lunch in a picturesque place;

  • ATV quad safari;

Shopping in famous shops

Famous shopping centres in Turkey:

  • Shopping
    Shopping in the shopping centers of Turkey.

    Istanbul Cevahir -  is one of the world's largest shopping malls with more than 600 stores with a food court, cinema and entertainment centre;

  • Marmara Forum in Istanbul - includes at least 300 boutiques of international and Turkish brands, a cinema, a large number of restaurants that occupy an entire floor, with a view terrace over the Sea of ​​Marmara;

  • Migros - a chain of megamalls with affordable prices and a wide range of entertainment (Istanbul, Antalya, Kemer, Manavgat);

  • TerraCity in Antalya - 160 shops, a food court, a cinema, entertainment for children;

  • Deepo Outlet Center - the most visited outlet with discounts from 30 to 70% 

  • Forum Ankara Outlet- a large shopping centre where discounts reach 90%

  • Olivium Outlet Center in Istanbul - is a popular outlet among locals with a convenient location and rich assortment of goods 

Night clubs

Modern nightclubs with special effects, music, the best DJs, show programs, celebrities, create a festive atmosphere. The dance floors are ready to accommodate up to 4000 guests at a time.

Clubs located on the coast receive positive feedback from visitors.

The most famous are in Marmaris, Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Kemer.

Nightlife in Marmaris takes place on Bar Street, which can be reached by regular bus.

Popular clubs:

  • Green House Dance Bar;

  • Crazy Daisy Bar & Night Club;

  • Club Areena,

Night clubs
Nightclubs are the centre of entertainment in modern urban life.

In Bodrum, the Hadigari Night Club is located on the beach, the Halikarnas Night Club is famous for its daily theme parties, and the Marina Yacht Club Bodrum invites guests to a glass deck that doubles as a dance floor.

For fans of live rock in Antalya, the Jolly Joker Pub opens its doors in the evening. Club Soho is a platform for Turkish music performers, where European DJs show their skills. Club Arma is distinguished by its pretentious atmosphere and dress code.

Places for children

Numerous water parks and playgrounds are open for the youngest.  A visit to the Antalya Oceanarium or the Bursa Zoo will be entertaining and informative. An excellent opportunity to learn useful skills will be training courses on diving or windsurfing. You can get acquainted with the history of the Turkish fleet at the Maritime Museum in Istanbul.

Alanya Archaeological Museum will also be of interest.

Excursion programs

The most popular historical tours in the country: 

  • Hot air balloon flight
    Hot air balloons over Cappadocia.

    Capadoccia and Hot Air Baloon Ride;

  • Perge, Aspendos and Side Full Day tour;

  • Best of Istanbul 1-3 day tour;

  • The ancient city of Ephesus

  • Pamukkale;


In order to fully experience the southern culture,  go to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


Average weather in Turkey in May

As the weather slowly stabilizes at the beginning of the month, the temperature during the day starts to warm, ideal for delicate sunbathing and evenings in the restaurants. Only nights are still cool.

Weather in Turkey in May
May in Turkey has hot days and cool nights.

Air temperature

Average daily temperature:

  • in the first 10 days - +21 ... + 23 ° C;
  • in mid-May - +26 ... + 28 ° C;
  • by the end of the month - + 30 ° C.

At night: +18 ... + 22 ° C.

Sea water temperature

The average sea temperature is +19 ... + 23 ° C.

How doest Turkey look in May?

Southern plants thrive in parks, gardens and squares. Green areas are regularly cleaned and maintained. During the day, it's warm in summer, but not hot. Nights are moderately cool.

Turkey in May
In Turkey, southern plants bloom in May.

Life in the cities become more lively. During this time, tourists have more opportunities to learn about Turkey's history and culture.

At the beginning of May, cafes, restaurants, clubs and souvenir shops are already open. In mid-May, water parks, aquariums and dolphinariums are ready to welcome visitors.

The markets offer seasonal fruit: bananas, oranges, medlar, apricots, strawberries and cherries.

Average prices in holiday resorts in Turkish lira:



















Sweet cherry



The cost of holidays in May

Holidays prices at the beginning of the season are much lower than in July or August. There is a great demand for visiting Istanbul or holiday resorts in the first ten days of May.(many countries have bank holidays at the beginning of May). At that time, the cost is close to the maximum. From the middle to the end of the month, prices drop.

Trendy Lara
Trendy Lara-  is a modern 5 star all inclusive hotel.

From May 26, prices begin to rise.

The early booking service gives you an advantage in choosing more comfortable hotel or private accommodation and save money.

Hotels and private accommodation prices:

The price is determined on the basis of many factors that characterize the hotel or private accommodation. The most important of them are:

  • condition and equipment;
  • hotel class and number of stars;
  • type of accommodation - apartment, villa, bungalow etc .;
  • location - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th line from the sea;
  • availability of facilities: beach, swimming pool, water park;
  • service;
  • meals (breakfast, "all-inclusive", etc.).
Hotels and hostels
The price is based on hotels exclusiveness

The geographic location of the resort also affects the price. For example, living in the Mediterranean Sea resorts is more expensive than the Black Sea or the Sea of ​​Marmara because of the warmer climate.

The choice of a region for recreation is an individual preference, depending on financial possibilities and other factors.

The warmest resorts

Turkey's recreational areas are distinguished by climatic conditions, natural landscapes and average water and air temperatures that influence the length of the season.

Most resorts are located in the subtropics, on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.

Where it is the warmest place in Turkey in May, shows the chart below:


Air (° C)

Water (°C)

























Alanya is considered to be the warmest resort in Turkey, where the beach season starts in April.

Belek is characterized by minimal cloudiness (10%) and bright sun.

In the mid of May, all parts of the country are set to a comfortable temperature. The weather in Turkey at the end of May is similar to summer in most of European countries.

Cheap resorts

Antalya is a relatively inexpensive resort with the following advantages:

  • close to the airport;
  • clean sandy and pebble beaches;  
  • hotels are distinguished by their high level of service and comfort, regardless of the number of stars;
  • city offers plenty of attractions and entertainment sites,
The airport
 International Airport in Antalya.

Alanya is an inexpensive resort suitable for family holidays:

  • the airport is 2 hours away;
  • long clean sandy or pebble beaches;
  • children's menu in cafes and restaurants, animators, attractions.
  • Relatively cheap and luxurious hotels, or a wide choice of private accommodation,

Kemer is an entertaining holiday destination with the possibility of active recreation. Here, tourists are attracted by:

  • pebble beaches;
  • picturesque southern nature, mountain air;
  • many restaurants, shops, clubs;
  • diving, safari, surfing.
Kemer has pebble beaches and picturesque nature.

Side is a resort for those who like to combine beach holidays with historical excursions. Is characterised by:

  • long and wide sandy beaches with easy access;
  • availability of attractions: Temple of Apollo, a large number of ancient ruins, amphitheatre, waterfalls.
  • disadvantages of the resort - no water park.

Marmaris is a resort chosen by a large number of young people:

  • the airport is 2.5 hours away;
  • long coastline with sandy and shingle beaches;
  • beautiful nature, coniferous forests;
  • a large number of popular clubs, restaurants;
  • yacht club, diving and rafting centres.
A large number of young people visit Marmaris.


Where is better to go with children?

Hotels in Turkey are all-inclusive and are fully prepared and accommodated for holidays with children. Sandy gently-shelving beaches in Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Bodrum, Kemer, Side, Fethiye are safe for children.

When planning holidays for May, choose places where the sea near the coast is shallow warm at this time of the year. In the Aegean Sea, it is Oludeniz Bay, located near Fethiye. In the Mediterranean Sea - the beaches of the village of Colakli near Side, Lara and Avsallar in the Antalya region.

Oludeniz bay
Oludeniz Bay is a picturesque resort in a small village.

Hotels have their own swimming pools and playgrounds. Animators and water sports instructors prepare amusing programs. 

So what to choose?

A trip to Turkey in May is rather not a beach holiday, but an opportunity to go on excursions and find out more about the history and culture of Turkey.

As there are architectural monuments and bright natural landscapes in the vicinity of all Turkish resorts, the choice will be conducive accommodation comfort and proximity to the airport.

Book a hotel or private accommodation in advance, to save money and have a chance to pick the most suitable one.

If you are planning holidays with children, it is better to make a reservation for the last ten days of May. During this time the sea starts to warm up.

Considering the likelihood of rainfall and storms, choose a hotel with an inner water park or an indoor pool.

Turkey is the most convenient country for holidays in May because the weather is already warm and direct low fare airlines or charter flight tickets are sold.

Reasons to travel to Turkey in May

Reasons to Choose Turkish Resorts:

  • variety of offers and prices for tours
  • beautiful nature
  • discounts on trips, hotels, tours
  • not overcrowded hotels, restaurants, bazaars, discos etc
  • no large number of tourists visiting historical sites and architectural monuments.

Tourists' opinions

Boris, 35 lat, St. Petersburg

I have rested in Turkey several times. First of all, I remember the route to Kemer. Everything is compact, clean, beautiful. And the air is just divine. Travelled local attractions, got to Istanbul on a trip.

Pleased with the cool and sunny weather. Recommend!

Alina, 28 years old, Syktyvkar

We came to Turkey for the May vacation. It is still cold here and the sea in Alanya is a fairy tale that I dreamed about all winter. I started my swimming season. I came home happy, tanned and full of excitement.

I recommend Turkey in May - there was an opportunity not only for bathing and sunbathing but also for shopping in Istanbul.

Margarita, 57 years old, Saratov

We came with my husband and grandson to Turkey in May. We rested in Antalya. The time was specially selected so that it was not hot and fewer people. The grandson is delighted. True, we swam in the pool. But we walked a long time on the beach. They brought a lot of pictures to memory.