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Turkey's Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi Enters The World's Cultural Heritage

Where is The Mosque Located?

Located in central Anatolia, to be more specific in the upper side of town in Sivas Province, in the village of Divrigi.

The Importance of This Architecture

It is considered one of the most significant architectural symbols in the region, as it was always on the route of busy trades between different key civilizations from the middle east, west Asia, and Europe. It was a crucial element in making this part of Anatolia turn into the center of attention from various rulers at the time, Which made people at that time build amazing monuments showing the visitors the importance of this area and its meaning to them.

Central Anatolia is considered one of the most fertile lands on earth and most diverse in culture and historical sites as well.

Who made it & When was it made?

As for this monument, the glamorously decorated mosque and hospital complex were built by the local dynasty of the Mengujekids, in around the year of (1228-1229). It was designed and built by the master architect Hurrem Sah bin Mugis El-Hilati.

It was built to be a symbol of victory for the battle of Manzikert against the Byzantine Empire in the year 1701.

The entire structure of the monument is built with stones, and it's considered as one of the most breath-taking stone-crafts of the middle era, with details and carvings that will make the eye drown in the details of constructing the realm.

The complex consists a mosque that adjoins a hospital combined through a gateway or entrance, on both entrances the construction of the stones gives a shadow can be identified as a praying figure, which made by a three-dimensional ornaments casting the shadows of two entrances of the mosque, as the sun moves the figure of the shadow changes its pose as its proposing the purpose of each part of the building.

With all those significant details and creativeness, this masterpiece became like a true world heritage and an example of the real Turkish cultural, architectural arts.