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Turkey’s top 7 rooftops to enjoy a nice morning coffee or an evening meal

The fall is slowly coming, it is the time to enjoy and admire the view. So we thought, why not list the best rooftops which have the best view of Istanbul. Here is the list of the top 10 places to visit:

A’ya Terrace

This terrace is located above the four seasons hotel in Sultanahmet. From where you are sitting, you can admire the Hagia Sophia.


This place has been giving service since 1997 in the roof of BJF Plaza. You are greeted with the terrace’s simple, posh vibe and lovely atmosphere.


The terrace is located above Marmara Pera. You have a large panoramic view of Istanbul.


This place is located above the Novotel Istanbul Bosphorus. You have a view of the famous peninsula. For those who are vegetarian and looking for a place to eat, we suggest you try this place.

Spago Istanbul

The terrace has a two star Michelin restaurant which is run by a famous chef. Be warned, this place is probably going to be the most expensive on our list.

Monkey Istanbul

The place is located in Shishhane. It has the view of the Halich and opens at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. Many people prefer to come here because of its amazing sunset.

Teras Emirgan

This terrace is the most colourful and friendly on our list. We must say that the cocktails here are spectacular!