Turkish Breakfast

We want to start this article by saying that Turkish people like to eat, especially breakfast!

When we get up in the morning, the first meal we eat is breakfast. In Turkish “breakfast” is a word derived from the two words: “kahve” is the first one and means “coffee” and “alti” basically means “before, under”. Breakfast is referred to by this name because it is a meal eaten on an empty stomach before drinking the first coffee of the day.

Cheese, olives, jams, and pastries are the most important flavours that differentiate Turkish breakfast culture from other cuisines. Sheep´s cheese of Ezine and Edirne, Tulum cheese of Izmir, Kashar, Gravyer and Cecil cheese of Kars, Savak cheese from Erzincan, cheese of Van, moldy cheese of Konya, pottery cheese of Kayseri, Balikesir and İzmir's basket cheese, Erzurum's nail cheese, smoky Circassian cheese of Düzce and Hendek and squeezing cheese of Antep, as well as olive varieties grown on the shores of Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean are the main traditional values of Turkish breakfast culture.

We're not talking about a cheese-only breakfast! Eggs with sausage (Turkish style smoked sausage) is another flavour the Turks eat for breakfast, as well as all varieties of jams, apricot, strawberry, cherry, cranberry, are just a few of them.

Gozleme is another dish we can see in Turkish breakfasts. It is like a pancake, an aperitif Turkish pastry that is prepared by filling a thinly made sheet of filo pastry (yufka) with either cheese, spinach or potato and then cooked.

Tea is a must for a Turkish breakfast. The tea is made using a two-piece teapot. Turkey is a large producer of tea and is grown on the eastern side of the Black Sea. Tea is hot and very refreshing!

Another type of breakfast that is popular is a "mixed breakfast." This breakfast consists of a combination of both local and foreign produce.

Starting from a minimum of four dollars, you can enjoy a Turkish breakfast feast. Depending on the place you choose to eat, and which breakfast you choose you can have a great breakfast for less than ten dollars.