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Turkish citizenship and foreigners


Many people that live and plan to stay in Turkey may consider applying for Turkish citizenship. Turkey allows dual citizenship, therefore, foreign nationals that would like to own Turkish passport have a possibility of keeping their original nationality. However, all foreigners must check with the consulate of their original nationality, because some countries do not allow to have dual citizenship or have some other restrictions.

What are the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Any adult foreigner who has been living in Turkey, uniterrupted for 5 years may apply for Turkish citizenship. The amount of time spend outside the country shall not exceed 6 months. This time is reduced for 3 years, if the foreigner is married to a Turkish citizen.

If you own a real estate in Turkey of any value, you might apply for citizenship after 5 years. The same period of time is required for foreigners who work in Turkey.

Another way how to get Turkish citizenship is by investment. In 2018, Turkish Government adopted new law that reduced the amounts of following: According to the new law, any foreign national who buy a real estate in Turkey worth at least $250,000 (the property shall not be sold in 3 years) or make capital investment of $500,000 may apply for Turkish citizenship. Other options have foreigners who provide an employment for 50 Turkish workers, purchasing State debt instruments in an amount of $500,000 for 3 years or deposit in banks in the same amount.

How to apply for Turkish citizenship?

All nationalities being able to buy property or invest in Turkey may apply for Turkish citizenship.

All applications for Turkish citizenship and passport are referred to the Directorate General of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs. Foreigners must come in person to the nearest office of the Directorate General of Migration Management, where an interiew willl be conducted, proving basic level of Turkish language.

Documents needed for application: application form, valid passport and its copy (translated and notarized), 4 passport-size photos, copy of birth cerfiticate, marital certificate (if applicable), document proving you are in good mental and physical health, documents proving that the applicant is able to support himself, proof of address, receipt of tax payment.

Documents required when buying a property in Turkey: application form, a copy of Tapu (title deed), valid evaluation report of a property, original payment receipts from buyer and seller, valid passport and its copy (translated and notarized), Turkish tax number. Please check the official website for more information.

Immigration to Turkey and Turkish passport

Turkey is a country with many advantages and immigration to Turkey in the past few years has proved it. Foreign population living in Turkey has reached over 1.5 million people.

Turkish government announced that since 2005, more than 300,000 foreigners invested in real estate in Turkey more than $50 billion. Many of them have immigrated to Turkey, applied for Turkish citizenship and obtained Turkish passport. Except of possibility to legally work in Turkey, they may benefit of visa-free travelling to 115 countries, citizenship for spouse and children, healthcare and insurance and other advantages which Turkish citizenship brings.

To obtain a Turkish passport, citizens need have to Turkish identity card, birth certificate or temporary identity document, biometric photograph, paid fees prior to application.

What is Turkish identity card?

Turkish identity card (ID) is compulsory for all Turkish citizens. Since 2017, new identity cards and passports are biometric and consist of person-specific data which enable identification through electronic systems. Turkish identity card can be used as travel document to few countries instead of passport. New Turkish identity cards are valid for 10 years.

For more information, please check the official websites.