Turkish Coffee

Made from Arabica beans, they are ground to create Turkish coffee, which has become famous all around the world. Turkish coffee is both strong and has special methods of preparation and service.

History of Turkish Coffee

The first coffee was brought to Istanbul by two Syrian traders in 1555, and in the 17th century, it became an essential part of the Ottoman empire's elaborate ceremonies. The sultan uses to be served regularly because he use to like it, and in his harem, he would order his coffee makers to teach his women how to make the perfect coffee. This has become a custom in turkey and potential husbands would judge a woman by her Turkish coffee-making skills.

How to Cook Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is prepared in a copper pot called cezve. For one cup of Turkish coffee, you need to add one cup of water (you must use the same cup you will use) and one spoon of coffee. Sugar is not added after the coffee is cooked, that is why you have to add the sugar before you start cooking it. When the coffee comes to a boil, let the foam rise and then take it off the heat and it will give lots of foam. Traditionally, Turkish coffee has to have foam, without foam is merely unacceptable. Turkish people serve the coffee with a glass of water (and something sweet, preferably Turkish Delight) is also part of the tradition.

Best Places to Buy or Drink Turkish Coffee in Alanya

Most cafes serve Turkish coffee, but only a few make the best we have tasted so far. Osmanlı Turk kahvecisi is an excellent choice which serves many different flavoured Turkish coffee. Yemen kahvecisi is also good, and you can buy their famous Turkish coffee from one of their cafes. If you decide to make your own Turkish coffee, you don't need to buy the best which is probably going to be expensive anyway. You can go to any supermarket in Alanya and look for Mehmet Efendi. After you learn how to make it, you will probably enjoy it more than the ones you will find at cafes.

Turkish Coffee and Fortune Telling

Turkish coffee fortune telling by cup-reading is very popular in Turkey, where the shapes represent the past and future of the person who drank that coffee. If you wish to look at your fortune, close the cup with the saucer and then turn it over. Once the cup is not hot anymore, the shapes it leaves on the side of the cup give the hints to your fortune. As a tradition, the person who drank the coffee can not read their own fortune so generally that someone makes their friend read his/her fortune. Everyone can read it, all you need is a little imagination, most Turkish people don't believe in the fortune, and most people read fortunes to enjoy the time with their friends and family.

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