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A Turkish island on the Atlantic ocean

Did you know that there is another country that carries the name "Turk" in the Atlantic Ocean? That island is called Grand Turk.

General information about the island

Did you know that there is a country called "Turk" in the Atlantic Ocean? Grand Turk Island is located on Cockburn Town, which is known for being the capital of all 38 Turks and Caicos Islands.

It is the largest island in the Turks Islands (besides Caicos) with an area of 18 square kilometres. The island is the historical, cultural, financial and administrative centre of the region. Also, it owns an airport called JAGS McCartney International Airport.

The island is not very known, but it has slowly gaining its popularity by tourists. Some ships have started to include this island in their Eastern Caribbean tours. On the island, they can see a 19th-century prison with an old lighthouse.

Why name it ''Grand Turk'' island?

It is said that it got its name from the cactus called Melocactus, which shape resembled a Turkish tarboosh, but later it turned out that this was not true because the Turks did not wear Tarbooshes yet.

According to most frequent research, it is known that Kemal-i Hasan discovered the island as he was an explorer. But the British later established a colony here, and as they were going to name the island, they did not know what the name of the explorer so they named the islands as the ''Turkish islands'' because they only knew Hasan's nationality.

Another island called Koh Rong that's only governed by Turks

In the south of Cambodia, lies another island that has a beautiful white sanded beach and turquoise sea whilst living in primitive conditions ruled by Turkey. Turks own almost everything on the island; from the tickets, you buy from the mainland to the boat you get on, the bar you have fun and the hotel you are staying in. Seven or eight years ago a German and Turk found this island and made the first settlement. Now you can find loads of Turkish dishes such as baklava, lahmacun and even menemen!