Turkish Teacups

Turkish teacups are very important for Turkish people who drink tea every day. Turkish people always look forward to drinking tea in these special cups. For foreigners who haven't come to Turkey before, these cups may be surprising. They are very different from European cups regarding of its elegant design. Of course, there is a reason behind this difference.

Turkish style teacups can be found in every restaurant and café in Turkey. Also, they are present in all Turkish houses. Turkish people drink and serve tea with these cups.

We do not know who first designed Turkish teacups. But, we get to see old pictures that show the Turkish teacup is in Hoca Ali Rıza’s painting named Semaver. Since he died in 1930, we can guess that our history of Turkish cups goes back to more than 80 years.

Teacups made of glass emerged in the 1850s after progress was made in the glass industry due to the industrial revolution. However, the European style cups were large, and they had handles. This made them expensive to produce. For the first time in history, the teacups without handles were created in the Turkish glass factory in Beykoz, İstanbul.

This design that they have made had a similar geometry as to a beautiful tulip flower. However, what concerned them was not the design, but the money that had to be spent to make them and form the other cups shape. Because European style teacups were costly and Turkish style was cheaper to produce. Also, this design was convenient. It served the purpose of warming peoples hands when held and due to its small size.

Turkish people love tea and the culture it brings. It is imperative to drink tea with friends and family, have heart-warming conversations and socialize. Therefore, tea must be delicious and must be served in Turkish teacups. Turkish teacups also must bring a delightful tea drinking experience which addresses all the five senses.

The transparency of the glass enables us to see the colour. The cups must make a particular noise while sugar is stirred with a teaspoon brings a satisfying feel to it. The Turkish teacup has a narrow middle to hold it in the palm easily, for us to feel the warmth before drinking it. The upper part of these cups is broad because tea remains cold in the lower parts but gets colder as we drink it.

Turkish teacups are as important as the tea itself. No matter how good the tea is made, Turkish people still need the perfect Turkish cup to enjoy the drink perfectly. To see, smell, feel and hear them when they are stirred, it is an essential part of Turkish social life and culture.

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