Turkish Visa

Turkey is the 6th most visited country in the world. Many people from all over the world come to Turkey for holidays, to work, invest, buy a real estate and live. To enter the country, all foreigners need to have a valid Turkish visa or a visa exemption.

General information about Turkish visa

Do you need a visa to Turkey?

Citizens of countries that have an agreement with Turkey for e-visa and meet the requirements may apply and get Turkish visa online. Other citizens are able to apply for Turkey visa at Turkish missions abroad, get a sticker visa in the airports or do no need visa due to their nationality.

The lenght of provided visa can not exceed more than 90 days within 180-day period. If foreign nationals wish to stay in Turkey longer than it is the period of their Turkish visa, they have a possibility to apply for a residence permit in Turkey.


In 2013, the electronic visa system was launched. E-Visa system allows visitors to easily obtain tourist visa to Turkey online before travelling here. The applicants must fill up the form online with all necessary information (identity, passport, travel dates) and pay a visa fee which is usually lower than Turkey visa fees in the airport.

The validity period of e-Visa is different than the duration of stay. Foreigners may enter Turkey at any time within the validity period.

Types of Turkish visa:

  • tourist visa
  • business visa
  • work visa
  • visa for education purposes
  • official duty visa and more.

The most common type of Turkish visas are visas for touristic purposes. If the applicant does not meet the requirements for e-Visa or sticker visa in Turkish airports, he/she will needs to obtain the visa from Turkish Embassy or Consulate. It is recommended to make Turkish visa application at least a month in advance, before the travel date. Before travelling to Turkey, please search the official websites in order to apply for Turkish visa. The applicants will need following documents:

  • passport or similar travel document
  • biometric photo
  • documents providing proof of income
  • flight reservation
  • invitation or hotel reservation
  • travel insurance
  • document showing your return

Foreigners can obtain Turkish visa for 30, 60 or 90 days, depending of their country of origin. The passport or travel document, upon the entrace to Turkey, should be valid for additional 60 days than the duration of their visa is (30, 60 or 90 + 60 days). The citizens of countries which are allowed to enter Turkey with their national ID cards and holders of diplomatic and official passports are exempted from this regulation. 

Turkey visa fees

The cost of Turkish visa depends on the nationality, the purpose of the trip and whether foreigners need an e-Visa or a sticker visa to enter Turkey.

The payment for e-Visa can be done in US dollars. The fee varies according to country and type of travel document.

Turkish visa ban

Foreigners departing Turkey with visa overstay violation will be fined or banned from entering the country, depending on the period of overstaying (less than 10 days – no ban). It might happen happen in three ways: overstaying Turkish visa, exceeding the limit of 90 days rule during 180-day period or overstaying valid residence permit in Turkey.

The decision to ban entry to Turkey is not taken under these conditions:

  • foreigners who leave the country by themselves up to 3 months will pay an administrative fine
  • foreigners who violate the right to stay up to 3 months (3 months included) and leave with the decision to deport in given time will have to pay administrative fine

The duration of entry ban to Turkey for overstaying more than 3 months is from 1 month to 5 years. Entry ban for overstaying might be lifted in case the person applies to the Turkish missions abroad for the relevant type of Turkish visa.

Update 2020

Due to situation with Covid-19, foreign nationals who have not been able to leave the country within the period of their Turkish visa, residence permit or other permits in Turkey will not be fined or banned. However, if they did not lodge the application for a residence permit or its extension, they must leave the country within 1 month after the travelling to their country will be allowed.