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A Unique Lake View With a Floating Platform

Karacaören-2 Dam Lake in Burdur is one of the places where foreign tourists go to Antalya sightseeing.

Karacaören-2 Dam is located on the Antalya-Isparta highway. The dam, commissioned in 1993, has a storage volume of 49 million cubic meters and an average annual production of 206 gigawatts (GWh). The dam also impresses the visitors with the view of the lake area between the forest. The region, which also hosts many bird species, was one of the reasons why it is one of the places most visited by tourists coming to Antalya. Thanks to a company, tourists now have the opportunity to watch the lake in with a floating platform towed by a motorboat enjoy spending time in the area so they can admire.

Noiseless, nested environment

Mr Yücel stressed that they intended to introduce all the different beauties, he quoted" The people are very happy with the sound of birds and that they are Intertwined with nature in a quiet environment. The tourists don't only see the sea and beaches but also be able to appreciate nature. We explain that the water is used for drinking water and the irrigation in Antalya. On our trip, we show them the still existing foundations like; chimneys, mosques and houses".