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Unknown Islands in Turkey

Naturally, because the islands have no connection to the mainland and not reachable by foot, people have always wondered how it is like to be on an island. Some of the islands are popular with tourism with their beaches, hotels and endless entertainment, while others are not suitable for human life, they attract attention with their strange features and stories.

These are some of the islands we have listed for you to visit during your stay;

Kefken Island

If you are passing by Cebeci, after you pass the Anatolian gate in Istanbul, you can find this beautiful place 500m away from the mainland. This island, which has been home to Genoese, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans throughout history, has many historical ruins for you to see. This small island has shore security, rescue teams and a control centre. The island is known as a good fishing spot and a diving area for amateurs. With a small boat, to get to the island only takes 10 minutes.

Tavşan Island

Amasra, one of the black sea regions top tourism destination. The first name of this area was called Sesamos. The city remained under the rule of Phoenician for 300 years and was ruled by the Ionians after the 9th century BC. According to historians, even though there are no bridges, the priests use to come and go to the island with a secret underground tunnel. The name for this island comes from the word ‘’tavşan’’ which means in English, ‘’rabbit’’. The people who used to live then named in Rabbit Island because they use to breed rabbits on the island so the population could increase, and guaranty their survival.

Kaşık Island

This private island is located opposite Burgazada, in the Marmara Sea. The island used to be named Pita, but after being bought, the name was changed after they had noticed it looked like a spoon with a birds eye view. Because the island is private, visitors are not allowed, and there is no transportation to the island.

Kara Island

The island is four Kilometres opposite of Bodrum. Transportation is possible with, and there are daily trips. Even though it is called Kara Island, the island has a rich green life. Until the Middle Ages, the island was ruled by the Greeks. In the 16’th century, the Ottoman Empire had taken over most of the areas around the island. With the Italy-Turkey agreement signed in 1932, the island was given to the Turkish government.

Yassica Islands

The Yassica Islands come in all different shapes and sizes. All twelve islands are beautiful, and transport is available to everyone.