Uyuzsuyu Waterfall

In the town of Nallıhan in Ankara there is a Waterfall, which is believed to be curative, impresses with its gorgeous view.

If you live in Ankara and you want to see something unique and natural, visit the waterfall which is about 200 kilometres away from Ankara. Close to the waterfall, there is a lush forest with lots of areas to take pictures and to recharge yourself.

The Curative Waterfall

Many of the locals around the area believe and tell stories of the water coming from the waterfall in Nallıhan's Karacasu village is curative. They say they were all scared of their sheep use to have rabies. Eventually, they noticed the water had a healing fracture, and they would wash the sheep and make them drink the water coming from the waterfall. That is the reason why they called it ‘’ the Uyuzsuyu shelalesi’’.