Vezirbridge Şahinkaya Canyon Natural Park’s Impressing View

Vezirbridge Şahinkaya Canyon Natural Park, which has many natural beauties and many wild animals, impresses those witness its beauty.

Şahinkaya Canyon, located within the boundaries of Vezirbridge district of Samsun, was announced as a Natural Park in 2015. The primary source of the area is the canyon located in a reservoir upstream. The depth of the canyon is approximately 450 meters, and the length is around 3 thousand 250 meters.

Şahinkaya Canyon stands out with its magnificent views. Known as the narrowest passageway of Kızılırmak, it separates the Altınkaya Dam’s Lake from all the others. Many natural caves stand out in the limestone bedrock that forms the canyons walls.

There are many sorts of plant life, but the main vegetation of the area is red pine and oak. Olive, maple, juniper, broom bush, terebinth, wild pomegranate, other tree and shrub types are also in the area. Within the borders of the Natural Park; animal species such as roe deer, wolf, fox, squirrel, badger, wildcat, otter, pheasant, hawk, rock eagle and goldfinch were also found.

The canyon has a huge potential for eco-tourism and the surrounding area, such as activities like photo safari, sportive angling, underwater diving, paragliding, jumping from high, boating, climbing and hiking.