360 and Online viewing

In this text, you can find the answers to why is online viewing popular nowadays, what are the advantages of online viewing and why was online viewing not popular in Turkey before?

The COVID-19 pandemic that is believed to have started in China had reached Turkey on 11 March 2020. For this reason, countless people had to stay at home and cancel all the plans they had made for the year.

Why has online viewing not been popular in Turkey?

In Turkey, online viewing for houses has not been very popular as Turkey is known for being a touristic country, people tend to take time off work to come here, check the desired property and have a vacation at the same time.

Why do we recommend you to apply for 3D or online viewing and what are the advantages?

Purchasing a house is an exhausting process, especially if you have limited time and lots of property options.

Many people who are looking for a property do not always have an idea of what they want, so the clients look for multiple property options to decide what they want. Also, looking at the properties during your visit may take longer than expected, and all process is too exhausting.

That is why we recommend our clients to apply for online viewing to see the property through the sales representatives’ phone. With this method, they can see everything as if one was there. Moreover, if there are any questions, all of them can be answered at that moment, healthily and efficiently for both buyer and seller.

These interactive 3D viewings, powered by 3Dvista virtual tours, allows buyers to virtually see from room to room, all on their own. Now you can see every corner, and dimensions of the home as if you were there in person without the need of a real estate agent.

What happens if a client likes a certain property and wants to buy it at home?

If a client is satisfied with our services and wishes to buy the property, all he or she has to do is to send us a deposit ranging from 1.000-5.000 Euros to reserve the property. Depending on the construction company and the terms of the reservation, the property can be reserved for one month in average. Also, if you wish to cancel the reservation, our company refunds %100 of the deposit, or our clients can choose another project from the same construction company and transfer the deposit.

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