What is Ashure ?

The name Ashure comes from the Hebrew Language, Ashura. Ashure is a dessert made in Muslim countries, Turkey being one of them. The dessert is made to celebrate the 10’th day of this special month, Muharram ul Haram in the Hijri calendar. This month is generally celebrated in September which translates to the new year in the Hijri calendar.

In the month of Muharram ul Haram, there are 10 reasons which make it special. These are:

  1. The month Prophet Adam was born.
  2. Prophet Moses split the sea for his followers to pass.
  3. Prophet Noah started assembling the arc.
  4. Prophet Jonah came out of the fish’s mouth.
  5. Prophet Joseph climbed out of the well, which his brothers and sisters pushed him in.
  6. Jesus was born.
  7. Prophet David’s repentance was accepted.
  8. Prophet Ismail was born ( prophet Ismail’s son).
  9. Prophet Joseph (son of prophet Yakub) was gifted with sight.
  10. Prophet Eyup was cured of his illness.

This month which celebrates all these events is handed out this dessert which is made by mixing 9 different ingredients. Once they are made, they are left to cool and then handed out to families and neighbours. Whichever city you are in, in the centrum, the municipality will handout homemade Ashure to the homeless and then to the people who are passing by.

Some Muslims also fast during this month because it is believed to be Sunnet (acts performed by the prophet Muhammet).

Here are the 9 main ingredients used for making this dessert:

  1. Wheat
  2. Chick peas
  3. Dry beans
  4. Rice
  5. Currant
  6. Pine nuts
  7. Dried apricots
  8. Dried Figgs
  9. Sugar

The flavour and colour of the dessert can change from who is cooking it. There are no limitations on what you can add to it. Most people add or remove some of the main ingredients to make it as their liking.

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