Where to Call In Case of Emergency

As we know, Turkish hospitality is surpassed only by the beauty of the country's nature. To attract tourists from all over the world, Turkey works at making the country safe, especially in busy areas. Emergency services are now accessible for non-Turkish speaking callers as they now have their "short" numbers that you can reach even if your mobile provider does not cooperate with Turkish mobile networks. Many of them also have language support, so the lack of proficiency in Turkey will not be a problem.

Here is the list of essential numbers to call in case of Emergency

Ambulance and Medical assistance – 112 For all emergency calls. Once called, the caller is redirected to the appropriate service. Note that emergency treatment for tourists and residents alike.

Fire Services-110

Inquiry office-118

Municipal police-153

Traffic police-154



Forest Fire Service-177

Missing child /Women's helpline-183

Other useful services

Communication Centre For Foreigners-157

The hotline is set up by The Directorate General of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior and open to address the questions and concerns of foreigners about entry, stay and for leaving Turkey. For advice on the procedures about international protection and temporary protection; to receive information about the rights and liabilities of foreigners staying in Turkey with different residence status; to respond to human trafficking-related calls and emergency requests.

The hotline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian. This service also has an active Twitter account.

Tourism Assistance Hotline-179.

Set up by the government of Antalya, this service provides accurate information regarding touristic activities, receives and resolves complaints from foreign tourists. Advisers will give all necessary information related to staying in Turkey, the quality of services and food, transportation. They will help in resolving conflicts in case of breach of service rules. Upon receipt of a reasonable claim from a tourist, they will intervene to ensure that an acceptable level of service is provided or to make unscrupulous agencies reimburse expenses.

Calls to 179 in Turkey are free from any phone, including mobile. In high season, from June 01 to October 01, it works around the clock 7 days a week. The rest of the year, its working hours are from 9am to 5pm. The team of advisers is multilingual and provides support in Turkish, English, German, and Russian.

The call centre of the Turkish Ministry of Health "SABİM" -184

Offers information about medical care and deals with complaints about service providers in Turkish healthcare. The SABİM service was created primarily for Turkish citizens but equally provides support to any foreigner in need of medical assistance. Calls are free from landline and mobile. The line is open around the clock 7 days a week. Advisers provide support in English, German, Arabic, and Russian.

The International Patient Assistance Unit (IPAU) of Turkey's Health Ministry 0850 288 38 38

The hotline provides oral translation in English, German, French, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic for people who do not speak Turkish. Anyone can dial 0850 288 38 38 free of charge 24/7 and choose the language they are comfortable in speaking. Free of charge translation services is provided for communication with the Turkish emergency medical services hotline, as well as at university hospitals, private hospitals, private health centres, pharmacies, and at the Health Ministry's complaint line.