Where to go Shopping in Antalya

Where to go shopping in Antalya

Antalya is a very famous location with its glamorous entertainment facilities, wonderful climate and green nature. Also, it is a perfect city both for vacation and living. Together with the numerous aspects, the city offers, shopping in Antalya is a great joy, too. There are old and new districts and shopping malls for tourists who want to bring souvenirs and do personal shopping for unique items from Turkey such as antiques, carpets and more.

Antalya Old Town

The Old Town, Kaleichi, is in a perfect location and steeped in history. While wandering through its narrow streets and old houses, your shopping experience is complemented by the historical sense of the location. There are many little shops with authentic items from accessories to carpets and antiques. There are also very nice boutiques you can visit. The main shopping points are Cumhuriyet, Gulluk, Ataturk and Isiklar regions. Old Town is fascinating and cheap compared to other shopping locations in Antalya.

Antalya Bazaar

For those who want to see different locations other than shopping malls, Antalya Bazaar has a very nice setting. It is a traditional Turkish Bazaar which is an essential part of daily life in Anatolian culture. The items in the Bazaar are unlimited. From handmade bags, accessories, shoes and clothes to traditional and organic foods, you can find everything you wish for in the Antalya Bazaar. There are also old shops of tailors, shoemakers and leather masters there. It is an authentic and unique shopping experience in Antalya Bazaar.

Caglayan Bazaar

Antalya has many little open markets for the local people to buy their weekly food supplies. One of them is Caglayan Bazaar. It has a wide variety of food products. You can see the local people shopping there, looking for the best seller of the foods. For tourists, it offers various traditional Turkish food, including spices, and for the locals of Antalya, it offers fresh, clean, organic food.

Iki Kapili Han

Iki Kapili Han is a beautiful historical place where you can visit not only for shopping but also for seeing the amazing old culture. It has been there since the late 15th century. There are many unique handmade shops there. You can find handmade souvenirs, beautiful textiles, Iznik style tiles and of course spices.

What you should be careful about:

  • It is forbidden for antique pieces older than 100 years to leave Turkey. Do not forget that while shopping for antiques and do not pay attention to the sellers who claim otherwise.
  • For any antique, you want to buy, ask for the official documentation of the piece. With the official documentation, you will always be on the safe side.
  • For valuable and antique jewellery, do not shop before checking the official jewellers' documentation of the shop owner. Honest shop owners generally hang this documentation on the shop walls.