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Worlds Biggest Mozaic Museum

Opened in 2011, it is still the worlds biggest Mozaic museum as it is home to all the artefacts in the antic city of Zeugma.

What makes this museum the biggest and one of the most interesting museums in the world?

Zeugma museum is known as the world's largest mosaic museum in terms of both size of the building and the area covered by the mosaics on display. The mosaics reflect a superior artistic taste and contain examples of Late Antiquity churches, Early Syriac and Christian iconographies make the museum even more attractive. Apart from the mosaics from the Zeugma Ancient City, there are also sculptures, columns and fountains belonging to the Roman Period. A bronze statue of Ares the God of War is one of the most precious pieces in the museum. All the walls and floors of the Poseidon and Euphrates villas have mosaics proving the wealth of the antic city.

History of the city, Zeugma

The Euphrates River, which forms the border of Mesopotamia, is known as the centre of civilization, brought abundance to this region for thousands of years. Selevkos Nikator was a commander of Alexander the Great, who passed through Anatolian lands intending to conquer the whole world 2300 years ago chose the Euphrates shores to settle and gave the city a name that combines his name with the river: Selevkos Euphrates. When it came under Roman rule in BC 64, its name was changed to "Zeugma" which translates to "beginning of the bridge". Similar to transportation, it remained a point between civilizations and cultures, as well as roads and continues this feature for centuries until the Sassanids destroyed it.