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Yenice, Turkey's most extensive forest block

Yenice is Turkey's most extensive forest block in the host and the World Wildlife Fund.

The Yenice forest has always been an attraction for people with its wildlife/ plant diversity and colours. The green covering the mountains during spring and summer gave way to shades of yellow and red with the arrival of autumn.

The most important part of the Yenice forest is the Arboretum area with giant trees which has a unique microclimate in the care of endemic plant species. These trees, which are the products of the rich plant diversity, are formed by water and moisture. These rare trees, which are large diameter and height compared to their species, have been registered as "Natural Monuments" and now under protection. With a diameter of 2 to 7 meters and lengths of 18 to 30 metres, the Yenice forests with Turkish hazelnuts, yew trees, Caucasian lime trees, Ulmus Glabra and maple trees make it an open-air museum with its beautiful colours due to autumn. With its monumental trees, lush valleys, mountains reaching up to two thousand metres, deep canyons, streams, waterfalls, wildlife and diverse plantlife, Yenice forests are also a great example for ecotourism for different outdoor activities.

A forest like this resembles an endless museum of trees, which are one of the places frequented by those who want to see the different colour of leaves turning from green to yellow, coffee to red. Except for camping and cycling routes; It also hosts canyoning, rock climbing, bird watching, photo safari and botanical walks.