Fire of Anatolia

Fire of Anatolia

The Fire of Anatolia at Aspendos 

As an expat living here in Alanya, I’ve seen this event advertised many times but never gone. Until now that is! I booked through a tour company and there are many to choose from as I don’t have access to a car. The drive towards Antalya always seems long but in reality, it was only an hour and a half. Aspendos is well signposted so if you do drive it’s relatively easy to find.  

The turn off-road is very new and actually puts the main road to shame because it's so well maintained. Everyone on the minibus was full of anticipation and excitement. Something new and different! 


Our guide told us that the Fire of Anatolia show used to be shown at a purpose-built site but issues arose and they moved to Aspendos. For those of you who don’t know Aspendos, it is famous for having the best-preserved Roman theatre not just in the Antalya region but actually in the whole of the Mediterranean. It was established on a hill near to Ancient Eurymedon which was one of the largest rivers in the area. It was dedicated to the gods and emperors of that era and could accommodate up to 20,000 people. You could actually come and spend the whole day rambling over the ruins and immersing yourself in the history of the ruined city here. 

But, as the sunset and the moon rose over this breathtaking building, I could picture ancient people gathering here to watch dramas and plays being acted out and it continues throughout the centuries. I love that feeling of the past reaching out and touching us here in the future. The excitement amongst us all was palpable and we couldn’t wait to take our seats. 

The show 

I think you have to be steady on your feet here as the building has been sympathetically restored...which means navigating your way up precarious rocky steps! Thankfully I had been warned so I wore a sensible pair of shoes. I had also been told to take a cushion to sit on, also advice I heeded and thank goodness I did! Sitting for a couple of hours on what amounts to as a rocky ledge is not for the faint-hearted. My posterior thanked me for cushioning it!  

The show itself was an absolute visual delight. The dancers danced their proverbial socks off, all enhanced by a fantastic light show reflected onto the back wall. It was phenomenal. I have seen Riverdance on Broadway and I think this definitely is up there with that! Costumes and music enhanced the brilliance of the dancers and goodness knows where they get their energy from as they literally didn’t stop! All too soon it was over and I can only say If you haven’t seen this show, then you are missing an absolute treat! 

I intend to go back next week to see an opera...Madame Butterfly. I think it is wonderful that we have the opportunity to see world-class acts performing in our region and in such a magnificent setting. 

If you are new to the Antalya region, I suggest you keep an eye out for future events. If you are having trouble finding a tour company then I suggest you contact Summerhomes who will recommend a reputable company to go with. 

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