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Semi-detached three-bedroom villa in massive complex
ID: 2507
2.5 KM
Luxurious Sea View Villas with a Private Pool in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1005
2 km
140/25 km
Luxurious Villas in Quiet and Green Surroundings of Belek,Antalya
ID: 3511
1.5 km
50 km
New Unique Villa in Beautiful Green Surroundings of Belek
ID: 3507
1 km
40 km
Detached Villa Close to Airport with Private Beach in Bodrum
ID: 7047
800 m
55 km
High-Class Villas in a Luxurious Complex with Private Pool in Konakli Alanya
ID: 1104
700 m
110/50 km
Villas with Stunning Views in a Quiet Part in Cyprus
ID: 6004
600 m
55/120 km

Generally, people who come for vacation prefer to stay in a villa rather than staying in a hotel because, accommodation can be more convenient, and your group of friends can stay together while having fun. Due to the increase in demand for these houses during the holidays, many golf centres in Turkey change their accommodation to the golf resort villa-style accommodation.

Golf villas in Turkey were built to be close to the area to play golf. One of the great features of living in golf villas is that you are staying in your own home. Another feature of golf villas is that the facility deals with the cleaning of your villa almost every day. If you choose to rent a house to stay on your holiday, you will not find any of these services. However, if you stay in golf villas, golf facilities will continue to offer these services.

Some of the most popular golf villas in Turkey

We mentioned above that golf villas are mainly located in the Mediterranean. Due to the long, hot and rainless summers. This is why most domestic and foreign tourists prefer these areas for their holidays. After Spain and Italy, the Mediterranean is among the most preferred tourism regions. Therefore, holiday facilities are mainly located in the coasts for Turkey. We want to mention that this region may be very hot in June, July and August. If you plan to play golf during your holiday, we recommend that you pay attention to the weather when determining your holiday.


Belek is one of the places most golf villa located in Turkey. There are approximately 12 golf villas areas. Golf villas are mostly located in the city. However, there are regular shuttles to the beach. Therefore, you do not need to think about how to reach the beach. Almost every golf villa has its own pool. While you play golf, your children, your family can spend time in the pool. In addition to your own pool, golf villas can have facilities such as Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, gym. Security services are also available in the area of almost every golf villa. A 24/7 security guard protects the area of the golf villas. We can say that you will have an enjoyable holiday in all golf villas in Belek.


Antalya is one of the most important cities in Turkey about historical places and golf tourism. Every year, hundreds of tourists come to Antalya. With the World Amateur Golf Championship that was held in Antalya in 2012, Antalya has become one of the most popular cities in the world, especially in terms of golf tourism. In Antalya, where you can find many golf villas within the golf centres. The golf centres offer many services such as small shops for your groceries, restaurants, and standby doctors. The golf villas in Antalya are designed to meet the needs of the guests. As we mentioned in Belek, most of the golf villas in Antalya have their own pool too. They have security.

We mentioned only two areas where golf villas are located here. For additional information about golf villas, you can contact with Summer Home Real Estate Company. In addition to providing information, we can also help you plan your vacation. Since 2004, we have been serving its customers in all kinds of holidays in the the region.

You should pay attention to some points while you choose the golf villas. Some of these points are;

  • How many people will you staying in the villa?
  • Is there anyone who is not able to climb up the stairs?
  • Will you have children with you?
  • Would you like to spend your whole holiday at the golf resort, or do you want to visit the city?
  • Would you prefer to go to the beach during your holiday?

By answering all these questions, you can ask us to find the best golf villa for you. Our Company's employees are available for service in 16 different languages. No matter which country you are in, or which language you speak, we are here at your service.