How to renew a residence permit in Turkey?

How to renew a residence permit in Turkey?

There are 1.5 million foreign nationals that received residence permit in Turkey. Foreigners who have valid residence permit in Turkey and wish to continue to live in Turkey should apply for extension of residence permit.

Renewal applications must be lodged to the Directorate General of Migration Management. Due to the new law, extension application can not be send by post office or courrier. The applicant must submit the application online and attend the appointment at the office of Directorate General of Migration Management with all necessary documents.

Documents needed for renewal of residence permit in Turkey:

  • the application form
  • 4 passport-size photos
  • photocopy of passport (if needed, translated and notarized)
  • valid health insurance
  • proof of residential address (rental agreement or ownership of a property)
  • receipt of tax payments (the amount is written in application form)

The extension of residence permit in Turkey in 2020

From January 1, 2020, there has been a change in the process of renewal of short-term residence permit in Turkey. The Immigration Authority has applied restrictions on extending residence permits for touristic purposes. However, foreign nationals from the European Union, the Russian Federation, OECD countries and China are not affected by those restrictions.

The main reason to apply new restrictions for extensions of residence permits in Turkey is to lower the amount of illegal workers in this country. Unfortunately, many foreigners were applying for residence permit and its renewal, and continued to live here and work illegally.

Applicants from other countries will have to give a valid justification other than touristic purposes to extend residence permit. The renewal of residence permit may be done due to other reasons:

  • education: students and their families may still apply for extension of residence permit
  • work permit
  • immovable property: buying and investing in a real estate
  • investment: establishing a company and making a business investment
  • family permit

Foreigners who wish to extend their temporary tourist residence may return to the country for at least one year after the expiry of their tourist stay.

The renewal should be done within 60 days of the expiration of current residency in Turkey. The applications submitted before will not be accepted.  

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