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High-end complex in Bahcesehir
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Mutli-funcional complex in Beylikduzu
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Spacious apartments in a new project
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Unique Apartments in Central Location of Istanbul
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Family-Oriented Apartments in Peaceful Location in Istanbul
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Extravagant apartments for sale in Istanbul,Buyukcekmece
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Fabulous apartments in Beylikduzu
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Modern apartments in an amazing location in Istanbul, Bahcesehir
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The Most Beautiful and Unique Project in the Heart of Istanbul, Levant
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New Built Project Suitable For Living in Sisli, Istanbul
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Family-Friendly Apartments in the Beautiful Greenery of Istanbul
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High-Class Apartments Close to All the Amenities in Central Istanbul
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Buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul is a good investment decision. However, such real estate is also in demand by those who decided to move to Turkey with their families. Choosing a particular area of ​​the city should be based on the purpose of the acquisition. We must warn you that not each of them is comfortable for permanent residence and is listed on the rental market.

You can buy a profitable apartment in Istanbul.

Benefits of buying an apartment in Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, with more than 15 million people live here. It is located on the Bosphorus, dividing its land into the Asian and European continents. It is suitable for permanent residence for those who prefer a temperate climate. In summer, the average temperature is + 28ºС and the hot days are generally around +35 to + 38ºC. In winter, the thermometer can drop below 0ºС.

In addition to optimal weather conditions, the choice of making Istanbul your permanent residence has the following advantages:

  1. Unlike many other Turkish cities, Istanbul does not live exclusively in tourism and agriculture. It is the business centre of the country and attractive for those who plan to conduct their business.
  2. The average salary is 3,500 Turkish liras, while even in the capital this figure barely exceeds 2,500 Turkish liras. However, only specialists who know English and Turkish are in demand here.
  3. The city has over 40 public and private schools.
  4. It has a well-developed public transport. In addition to trams and buses, there are a metro, ferry and speed boats.
  5. As in any metropolis, there is a rich infrastructure. A wide variety of shops, restaurants, theatres, opera houses, museums, and art galleries.
  6. From the local airport, you can fly to any city in Turkey and most other countries.
Istanbul has a very developed infrastructure.

Those planning an investment should pay attention to other positive aspects of buying Istanbul homes:

  • A great demand for rent - in 2019, about 15 million people visited the city.
  • The average return on renting an apartment is 5-6% per year of its value.
  • The city occupies a leading position in the country in terms of growth in property prices.

What Real Estate Can be Purchased in Istanbul

The price of an apartment in Istanbul depends on the following factors:

  • Where in the city is the property
  • The size of the property
  • The age of the property
  • The infrastructure of the residential complex.
Variant of a two-room apartment in Istanbul.

The cost of a one-room apartment varies from 40.000 to 150.000 €. The average price is around 50.000-60.000 €. If you wish to buy a studio apartment in Istanbul, they will be minimal. The most easily purchased and sold projects in the secondary market are the one and two-bedroom apartments. Also, they are the most demanded type of apartments for rent.

A one-bedroom apartment can be bought already 60.000-65.000 €. However, those who want to buy property in a prestigious area and residential complex with a pool, fitness centre and other amenities will have to pay up to 200.000 €.

A two-bedroom apartment is estimated at an average of 90.000-100.000 €. In new luxury buildings, they can go up to 250.000 €. A three-bedroom option ranges from 130.000 to 300.000 €. More rooms can be offered not by any residential complex. The cost of apartments will start from 250.000 €.

On the internet, you can easily find an offer to buy a 3-4 room apartment in Istanbul for 40.000-50.000 €. However, upon careful examination, you can see that it is located in suburban villages, at a distance of 40 km from the city. There may also be other reasons for inexpensive offers, for example, the absence of a central heating system in the house, without which heating the premises in winter requires high financial costs, as you will be using heaters or airconditioning all the time.

Therefore, when choosing an apartment remotely, it is crucial to contact a reliable real estate company. Our company is ready to offer not only apartments in Istanbul, but also to help with the registration of ownership and residence permits.

City overview

Istanbul is divided into 39 districts. However, buying an apartment is advisable only in a few of them. In the rest, living conditions are worse, and real estate is not in demand either in terms of rent or terms of sales in the secondary market.

Fatih is a historical centre located on the district that was inside the city walls of Constantinople. The main attraction is Sultanahmet Square. There are three mosques and seven museums, and the monastery of Chora. This is one of the most densely populated quarters of Istanbul, which has over 430.000 people live here. You can buy an apartment not only in a new apartment but also in old buildings. The average price per square meter is 1000 €.

Beyoglu is a coastal region, with over a 270.000 population and adjacent to the Bosphorus.

The main styles in architecture are modernism and historicism of the beginning of the 20’th century. The main attractions are the Galata Tower, the Jewish Museum and the largest synagogue in Turkey.

The city of Istanbul in all its glory.

Bakirkoy covers an area of ​​32.5 square kilometres and a population with over 225 thousand people. The area has high diplomatic and tourist significance. You can buy an apartment for 2.000-5.000 € per sqm. The main attractions are religious buildings. The local market is considered one of the best in the city.

Besiktas is considered the main cultural centre according to its locals. It is a small area of ​​11 square kilometres on which 180 thousand people live. The main advantage is the proximity to the port. The disadvantage is the high price. The average price of one meter of living space reaches 5000 €.

Sariyer is another area on the shores of the Bosphorus. One of the largest in area. It is 162 square kilometres. Moreover, its population is only 200.000 people. Famous people of the city choose apartments here: politicians, artists who make this area very prestigious. For 1 square metre, you need to pay at least 3000 €.

Foreigners may have difficulties at first due to the peculiarities of Turkish law.

Kartal is the most populated area. 500.000 people live here and an area of 38.5 square kilometres. It is an important industrial centre with more than 400 factories. However, the size of each of them is small, in total only 50.000 workers work for them. Located in the Anatolian part, includes the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The main attraction is the Aydos Forest.

In Which Area of ​​Istanbul is it Better to Buy an Apartment

For those who plan to rent out there newly purchased apartment in Istanbul, our agency suggests paying attention to the following areas:

  1. Beyoglu. Popular with tourists, as located near a popular area. The infrastructure of the district is appealing to the younger people as there are many bars, fewer places for entertainment with children. The average income of a rentier is 800 Euros per month.
  2. Bakirkoy. It attracts guests with its proximity to the sea and shopping centres.
  3. Sariyer. The owner of the apartment located here can count on an annual income of 7% of its value.

For those planning a family move, we can offer real estate in the following areas:

  1. Besiktas. The area has an excellent transport interchange; also, it is considered one of the safest areas to live in. There are many shopping centres. The most popular among residents is Hazal Kilim and Zorlu Center.
  2. Kartal. In the area of ​​3 large universities, several hospitals, including The largest growing centre in the city. Here is an ecological market, a stadium, there is an Orthodox church. Well-developed transport links with other areas of the city: buses, metro buses, and ferries.
Istanbul’s districts on the map.

For those who prefer to live in a place with a minimum number of tourists, it is advisable to choose Sancaktepe with an area over 62 square kilometres located in the Asian part of Istanbul. The population is 250.000 people. Several shopping centres serve its residents: Sancaktepe Rings, Sancaktepe Outlet Mall, Viaport Asia Outlet. On its territory, there are many kindergartens and schools. Prices for apartments start at 65.000 €.

If you are interested in real estate in Turkey, please contact our company, and we will organize a free orientation tour for you!