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For those who decide to buy property in Turkey, in Alanya, Mahmutlar is the best choice. This area has its advantages for both investors and people who choose to move for permanent residence.

Mahmutlar - a district on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

What are the benefits of buying a property in Mahmutlar

The main advantage of choosing this area for buying property is that Mahmutlar is the most active developing part of Alanya. Every year, all types of buildings are built here:

  • Residential multi-storey buildings

  • Complexes of villas

  • Commercial real estate

Therefore, you can find a large number of proposals for sale both directly from the construction company and among the owners. In the central and northern areas of the town, the pace of construction is lower. Competition on the market leads to higher prices.

Among the advantages of real estate investment in Mahmutlar, is a high demand for rent: up to 750 thousand tourists visit this district annually.

The main benefits of this area for those who decide to move to Alanya with their family can be:

  • The availability of kindergartens and schools

  • Proximity to the sea

  • A sizeable foreigner presence

  • Rich infrastructure

Kindergartens in Mahmutlar accept children from two to six years.

What Real Estate Can I Buy in Mahmutlar?

In Mahmutlar, you can buy any property from an inexpensive studio to an elite villa.

In Mahmutlar you can buy an apartment.

The smallest apartment, with an area of ​​40 square meters, close to the sea, will cost from € 40 thousand. Similar to it, but further from the coastline at a distance of 500-1000 m - up to € 35 thousand. For this money, the buyer will receive a fully furnished apartment. The infrastructure will include a swimming pool, hammam, play areas for children.

An apartment “1 + 1”, with an area of ​​60-70 sq.m in a similar residential complex will cost 50-80 thousand euros, depending on the year it was built and its distance from the sea. New apartments with two bedrooms can cost for 60-90 thousand Euros.

The average cost of an apartment for a large family, with the number of rooms “3 + 1” or “4 + 1”, with an area of ​​up to 170 square meters is 80-100 thousand Euros. You can find offers for 65-70 thousand Euros if the building is 15 years. If the buyer is interested in elite new buildings, then he should focus on the range from 120 to 160 thousand Euros.

For the indicated prices, the buyer will receive fully furnished housing. Only new buildings are unfurnished. For those customers who are focused on the primary market, but want to enter their apartment immediately, our agency offers cleaning and arrangement services.

When planning a purchase, you need to consider that in the most budgetary residential complex, there will be a private pool, a hammam and play areas for children. In more expensive ones there is an area with a garden, a fitness centre, a supermarket, and other places to relax. In Turkey, such features are considered not a luxury, but a standard attribute. The only drawback of such amenities is the obligation to pay for their maintenance from 10 to 50 Euros a month.

The price of a villa in Mahmutlar starts from 100 thousand Euros. For this price, you can get a house older than 15 years, located 1-2 km from the sea. If a client wants to buy a property situated closer to the sea, he will have to pay from 300 thousand Euros.

The indicated price range is the average for Mahmutlar. You can find cheaper offers. Usually, those who urgently need to sell old apartments without a heating system are ready to sell for lower prices.

Apartments in luxury complexes or villas with a large plot of land will cost more.

Mahmutlar, Alanya: Advantages and Infrastructure of The Area

Mahmutlar is a municipality within Alanya, located 8 km from the city centre. Its length along the sea is 5 km—the area borders with the districts of Kestel and Kargicak, from the north - with the mountain range called the Taurus. The local population reaches 25 thousand people. The beaches in Mahmutlar are mostly pebble. But despite this, it is popular with tourists. At the peak of the tourist season, up to 70 thousand people live here at any time.

Mahmutlar beach is still not crowded even in high season.

Necessary shops are within walking distance. For example, in Mahmutlar, there are popular markets:

  • Migros
  • Şok
  • Carrefour
  • Bim
  • A101
You can travel around Mahmutlar by bus.

There are food markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays. DeFacto, LC Waikiki are clothes shops.

Since 2019, Mahmutlar has city shuttle buses. Also, smaller buses called dolmus travel along the three main streets every 30 minutes. However, many locals prefer to ride bicycles.

In Mahmutlar and Turkey in general, government primary schools are free, and for those who live in the country with a residence permit without citizenship have the right to study. Private educational institutions with enhanced programs are also available.

All schools have a pick-up service for a child from home to school and back. Parents who want their children to do extra activities the following are available:

  • Development club for children from 3 years old

  • Theatre studio

  • A school for future film and television operators

  • Football volleyball clubs

  • Dancing


The foreign residence community in Mahmutlar is strong. There are even cultural centres for the population. If a person needs a small service (for example, repairing clothes or equipment), he can easily find someone who speaks his language and solve the problem without even knowing Turkish.