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Apartments in Victory Garden
ID: 1461
800 m
130/38 km
Summer Park Commercial Center Offering Offices and Shops in Alanya
ID: 1258
900 m
40 km
Apartments in Green paradise in Oba, Alanya
ID: 1425
2 km
35 km
Apartments for sale in a comfortable complex in Oba
ID: 1416
700 m
135 km
Holiday homes in Oba
ID: 1434
1.2 km
130/40 km
Apartments for sale in fancy project in Oba
ID: 1410
850 m
130 km
Uniquely designed apartments in Oba with sea view
ID: 1490
1 km
125/40 km
Western design properties for sale in Oba, Alanya
ID: 1412
3 km
135/40 km
Utopia in Oba with a variety of apartments
ID: 1495
850 m
130/37 km
Cheap and luxury apartments in Oba
ID: 1423
1.3 km
125/35 km
Spectacular Apartments For Sale in Oba, Alanya
ID: 1379
1 km
135/30 km
Reasonably priced apartments by the seafront
ID: 1458
20 m
130/40 km

Oba is a popular and lively district of Alanya. It has many apartment complexes and villas that offer a wonderful experience, together with a beautiful beach and amazing history. Oba was the first settlement location after Seljuks invaded Alanya. Therefore, it has many historical ruins to see. The district is 3 kilometers from Alanya center. Its population is around 16500 and receives many tourists every summer.

The climate of Oba is hot and holiday season is long. It is on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, near another popular district of Alanya, Kestel. Life is affordable in Oba, especially for European people. Food prices are low due to fresh weekly markets set up by farmers. Also, there are many shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. Oba is very close to Dim Creek, where you can have a day full of nature and a peaceful environment. Portakal (Oba) Beach is one of the most popular blue-flagged beaches in Alanya. It has a naturally sandy beach and crystal-clear water of Mediterranean Sea. There are many facilities and excursion activities near the beach.

The district also has Oba Creek falling to Mediterranean Sea. At the point where these two natural beauties meet, there are recreational areas with picnic areas. Due to its popularity, Oba has many facilities and a multicultural environment. The public services work well in Oba, that is how it can serve a large number of people in long holiday seasons. There are many new investments and renovation works. Many foreign investors prefer Oba in addition to tourists.

Oba is a very nice and dynamic district that brings the amazing nature and beautiful sea of the area together. It is popular due to its high-quality features and safe and clean environment. These features make Oba a wonderful location for your holiday with friends or family.