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Apartments for sale in Botanic Garden
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Amazing Villa with Beautiful Views and Perfect Location in Alanya
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Apartments in Victory Garden
ID: 1461
800 m
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Summer Park Commercial Center Offering Offices and Shops in Alanya
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900 m
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Affordable Apartments in Great Location With Many Amenities in Alanya
ID: 1332
500 m
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Modern Apartments Surrounded by Nature in Alanya, Kestel
ID: 1333
500 m
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Summer Bliss Villas with Beautiful View in Alanya
ID: 1276
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Apartments For Sale With Many Facilities in Avsallar, Alanya
ID: 1359
600 m
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Luxurious Apartments in Brand-New Complex Near The Sea of Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1395
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nice apartments near the sea in kargicak
ID: 1429
500 m
135/25 km
Magnificent Modern Apartments For Sale in Kestel
ID: 1588
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Brand New Apartments For Sale in a Nice Complex in Avsallar, Alanya
ID: 1383
900 m
90/60 km

An apartment, cottage or other property in Alanya is a profitable investment. Housing can be used for a permanent or holiday home and for rental to those wishing to relax in the popular Turkish resort. Getting to see the features of the region and properties for sale will help to make the right choice.

There are many different and unique places with a wide selection of property for sale in Alanya.

What are The Benefits of Buying a Home in Alanya

The Mediterranean city in the province of Antalya is a large seaport and resort with a developed infrastructure. This place has a high standard of living that attract tourists from Europe, Russia, CIS countries. Many of them not only come here to relax but also to invest in properties abroad.

Demand for real estate in Alanya among Foreigners is growing for the following reasons:

  1. Comfortable climate. Alanya is famous for its perfect weather, beautiful nature, clean sandy beaches and fresh mountain air. The holiday season here lasts eight months. For the rest of the months, there is a peaceful atmosphere and mild weather conditions.
  2. High security. The probability of earth tremors here is very low. The rules of anti-seismic construction are building residential complexes.
  3. Foreign culture and language. A Russian, English, finish and german-speaking community is active in the city, so adapting to your new area will be extremely easy. You can buy products that are normally sold in your home country in Alanyas local shops. Locals are friendly and willing to assist in stressful situations.
  4. Attractive prices. Apartments here are cheaper than at in other European countries. Local technical supervision authorities monitor the quality of construction.
  5. High level of infrastructure. The city has developed a healthcare system, a network of banking and legal organizations. Also, educational institutions graduate professionals.
  6. A simplified form of obtaining a residence permit. Buying property in Turkey gives you the right to obtain a residence permit, and after five years, you can apply for citizenship.
  7. Developed a transport network and intercity communication. Buses and dolmus’s run along the city roads. Taxi and car rental services are designed so you can find them nearly anywhere. Intercity routes allow you to get to Antalya Airport or other cities of Turkey.

There are many advantages of buying a property in Alanya: improvements, climate, attractive prices.

What Real Estate Can You Buy in Alanya

Affordable real estate from the developer in the city - is commercial and residential projects of different sizes and layouts. Office space and shops allow you to do business. High-quality standards and modern features give the requirements to design the buildings.

Property for sale in Alanya can be chosen in complexes with separate infrastructure and newly built apartments. The sales agency has cottages and villas that combine the advantages of a city apartment and suburban housing.

Several types of houses are presented:

  1. Detached mansions for family living - single-storey, multi-storey, with a land plot and with or without a swimming pool. Inside there are several rooms, spacious terraces and a living room. The windows offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast.
  2. Cottages for one or two families. Are on sale with a good condition, furniture, landscaped grounds, swimming pool, parking place.
  3. Townhouses - located on the outskirts of complexes, which are designed for two families. In the everyday use of residents provided parking, an outdoor pool, playgrounds, small shops and beauty salons.

Apartments in Alanya are offered to future owners in several variations:

  1. Studios housing of different sizes with minimal space, which provides an opportunity to perform using design techniques. Studios are popular for singles, couples, and are also purchased for rental.
  2. One-bedroom apartments with kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom with an area of ​​50-60 sqm. Additionally, a balcony can be included.

  3. Two-bedroom apartments occupy an area of ​​80-120 sqm. And include two bedrooms. They are located in surrounded complexes where there is access to a shared pool, relaxation area and spa.
  4. Three-bedroom apartments housing area varies between 100-220 sqm. Several layout options are presented, in which there is a third bedroom, and the size of the living room is expanded.
  5. Duplexes are two-story apartments in demand among large families. Spacious housing includes living rooms, kitchen, balcony, terrace.

A studio apartment is one of the most popular types of budget property.

General Information About The City

Alanya is considered to be the warmest among the largest cities in Turkey. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, 134 km southeast of Antalya. The urban district includes resort regions such as Incekum Mahmutlar, Konakli and others. They go along the coast for almost 50 km.

The total constant population of the city and its regions is over 300 thousand people. In summer and autumn, the figure is higher due to the increase in tourists.

Features of the local climate:

  • The average annual temperature is above 20 ºС.
  • Climate - Mediterranean
  • Winters are rainy, windy, cool
  • Summers are dry, hot, and long
  • High air humidity all year round ( an average of 60-65%)
  • The water temperature in January is 19 ºС and on July 28 ºС.
  • Climatic conditions are favourable for the growth of palm trees, red pine forests, citrus fruits, locust tree.

The city of Alanya is located on the south coast of the country, 134 km from Antalya.

The first line in the city is built up with hotels and guest houses. Residential complexes are located on a hill, from their windows offer spectacular views of the coast and surroundings. Foreigners own nearly 35,000 real estates in the city.

Furnished apartments can be bought with a budget of € 37,000 and higher. The cost of villas and an apartment from a business centre are from € 150,000.

Popular Real Estate Locations

When planning a purchase of a real estate in a resort town, you should focus not only on the budget and preferences but also the area in which the housing is located important. Each of the regions is interesting in its way, which allows you to choose the best conditions, taking into account the wishes:

  • Close to the sea, nature or the centre of tourist life.
  • Low houses or multi-storey buildings.
  • You can find neighbourhoods with Russian, English language kindergartens.

Every area in Alanya deserves attention. However, the importance of real estate in Mahmutlar is not taken into consideration. But what makes this area so beneficial is that buildings height are not limited here so that you can buy apartments both in a small house and in a modern skyscraper.

Mahmutlar is a fast-growing resort on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Beautiful mountain landscapes, silence, well-maintained beaches, and a lot of vacation spots - these factors can be decisive when you are looking for property in the resort town.

Those who want to buy an apartment in the centre of Alanya should get acquainted with the Damlatas region. Buying a property here is an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the central part of the city and stay close to nature. In the region are Cleopatra's beach, a wide promenade, a park, public fitness equipment and tennis courts. Real estate here is growing in price due to the lack of places for building and the restriction in the height of five floors.

Damlatas is one of the most popular areas of Alanya among foreigners.

One of the most farther areas is Demirtas. Its advantage is a small number of tourists, noisy hotels and guest houses, proximity to the airport of Alanya (Gazipasa). The advantage of the area is silence, environmentally friendly atmosphere, clear sea and magnificent mountain landscapes. Due to a large number of conifers on the slopes of the mountains, the air is saturated with an earthy smell. Housing here is classified as elite and prestigious.

Demirtas - one of the most remote areas of Alanya.

If you want to move into a small complex, you should consider the Kestel area. Buildings represent real estate up to five floors and luxurious residences. In the region, there is a large university (Keykubat and a branch of Akdeniz). Cikcilli is located on a hill, four kilometres from the coast. It is allowed to build up to twelve-story skyscrapers.

Kestel - Alanya area located 9 km east of the city centre.

Elite residential complexes are built on the great hills of Konakli. Unlike other areas, there are no highways between the houses and the beach area. The seashore is located within walking distance from places of residence. This allows you to be in the centre of resort life and be closer to nature.

Konakli - a resort village in the south of Alanya, perfect for a beach holiday.

Tosmur, a 10-minute drive from the city centre. It has become a prestigious area in a few years. This district stretches to the hills of Alanya, all the way to the coast. On one part you are surrounded by orange and lemon plantations, coniferous forests, and on the other side, you can be right near the sea. A local attraction is the Dimcay River, along which there is a small walking area. Housing here is not very expensive, but the area is developing. This leads to a constant increase in prices per square meter.


The Kargicak district in the eastern part of the city which offers a quiet life for large families. Groves of oranges and banana plantations surround it. The Taurus Mountains protect the area from the winds. There are beautiful sandy beaches, the total length of which is about 5 km. Also, it has a well-developed infrastructure and transport links. Real estate in the area is represented by luxury villas, apartments, surrounded complexes, located near the beach area. Most properties are being built on the hills, so the windows offer beautiful views of the coast and mountains.

The Turkish city is full of attractions, and its climate is suitable for a long and healthy life. After seeing all the properties for sale, you can choose any that will provide you with comfort and prosperity for many years.